Aphrodisiac foods

Cook together. Soft music, soft lights, aroma of cinnamon and garlic are all conducive for a seductive lunch or dinner. Wine, beer or healthy smoothie are important. Do know that happy foods are chocolate, eggs, yams and beer. Aphrodisiac Foods Oysters Watermelon Cocoa or Chocolate Asparagus Avocados Maca Pumpkin Seeds. pumpkin seeds Celery

Cost of staying young and delaying aging

Having more time to relax and enjoy the culture and environment around you can delay the aging process. While doing that, you breath deeply and savor with all your senses things around you.

Note that sense of smell and taste are decreased with aging especially as Alzheimer or Parkinson’s disease progress.

You can walk and exercise every 4 hours and not be confined to a box and a chair. Email motherhealth@gmail.com of stories how your parents or grandparents reached the age of 98+.

Coconut and cinnamon for Alzheimer’s disease

How can you revive your brain cells and get your memories back with coconut and cinnamon?

Email motherhealth@gmail.com for your feedback in using coconut oil and cinnamon in getting a healthy brain.

Coconut Nutritional highlights

Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fibre, vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 and minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium,magnesium and phosphorous. Unlike cow’s milk, coconut milk is lactose free so can be used as a milk substitute by those with lactose intolerance.
One tablespoon of ground cinnamon contains..