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Health and wellness by Dr Corey Kirshner

Finding the Cause of Your Peripheral Neuropathy September 28, 2016 / Conditions / By Corey Kirshner Trying to explain what peripheral neuropathy is, and how finding the cause of your peripheral neuropathy is essential to your successful treatment, may seem daunting in the space of a blog post. At times it can be a very

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Soups to prevent flu and influenza

Mothers and babies must up intake of whole foods rich in Vitamin C and zinc to prevent flu and influenza. Here are 5 ways to prevent the cold and flu with nutrition. Hydration – The outdoor air is drier in cold weather, and our heated homes are dry. Staying hydrated in the winter keeps mucous membranes soft and

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Happy genes love to eat

 Special people with special genes are always happy and love to eat. We are also influence by our environment but our genes is our master control until we harmed our genes from forces in the environment, prenatal nutrition , stress and other factors. Connie STUDY IDENTIFIES 6,500 GENES THAT ARE EXPRESSED DIFFERENTLY BETWEEN MEN AND

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