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Exposure to Light Causes Emotional and Physical Responses in Migraine Sufferers

Summary: A new study reveals a connection between light sensitive nerve cells in the eyes and areas of the brain that regulate mood. The findings may help explain how light can induce some of the negative emotions that often accompany migraines. Source: BIDMC. Researchers identify novel connections between neurons in the eye and neurons in

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Anti-inflammatory diet relieves pain

Whole foods that contain the following foods and herbs have anti-inflammatory properties, relieve pain and promote cell growth and repair. Pain can be remedied with healthy whole food diet of foods and spices such as: Turmeric Studies have linked turmeric to reduced inflammation in a number of conditions, including psoriasis. The chemical responsible for turmeric’s

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Headache/Migraine, a spasm constricting arteries supplying blood to the brain

Stress or inflammatory response triggers the nervous system to respond by causing a spasm of the nerve-rich arteries at the base of the brain which closes down or constricts several arteries supplying blood to the brain (scalp and carotid/neck arteries) The brain respond by dilating its arteries to meet its energy needs but also triggers

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