Massage and caregiving services for bay area seniors

Motherhealth caregivers provide comfort and health monitoring to home bound bay area seniors. As we massage the aching bodies of seniors who are mostly bed-bound , we also give a hug and loving words. Most seniors are alone and need hugs and loving touch. Even a trumpist who is bed ridden became soft and warm […]

Caregivers and caregiving agencies helping seniors, be added in our list

We care creating a list of caregivers and caregiving agencies per city, per state and per country. We should find a way to help seniors and older adults in need of in home non medical care. This will save them time and money, than spending more days in hospitals , rehab or nursing facilities. With […]

Early synapse loss to Alzheimer’s disease

This article is about synapses of the nervous system. For other uses, see Synapse (disambiguation). Structure of a typical chemical synapse Postsynaptic density Voltage- gated Ca++ channel Synaptic vesicle Neurotransmitter transporter Receptor Neurotransmitter Axon terminal Synaptic cleft Dendrite In the nervous system, a synapse[1] is a structure that permits a neuron (or nerve cell) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to […]

World, give me more bay area seniors who need 24/7 caregivers

I can refer them to care homes and other care team from hospice nurses, massage therapist, doctors, home helpers , companion, drivers, cook to caregivers. There is a gap in health care. You cannot leave nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities without 24/7 care at home. You cannot heal at the hospital for you need […]