How to find caregivers or sitter in nursing home or your home

You can google for senior home care (city our county) or talk to the social worker to give you referrals. In the bay area, Motherhealth caregivers can refer you to a caregiver that matches your parents home care needs.

Text 408-854-1883 for fast response. We include cooking gourmet and healthy meals, massage, light housekeeping and assistance in daily living. Optional services include cooking family meals, pet care, more housekeeping, laundry for family members and others.

Our goal is affordability and holistic home health care.

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Esther, an art teacher at Lord of the Light studio in San Jose



I am proud of my daughter Esther who is an art teacher at age 20. She told me that she wanted to help children from 6-16yr olds appreciate art and build a portfolio of art for college. She has been learning at lot at the Lord of the Light studio in San Jose. The owners are husband and wife who are passionate about the mind and soul of young artists and how they need help to be empowered future artists.