12 Reasons to Support Health Care , Obamacare

Our new health care law will have a profound impact on the health and economic well-being of American families, businesses, and the economy. Below are some of the key provisions of the new legislation. Click on each icon to read more!

The new health care law will:

 btn_reason_1 Ensure that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care.
 btn_reason_2 Create a new, regulated marketplace where consumers can purchase affordable health care.
 btn_reason_3 Extend much needed relief to small businesses.
 btn_reason_4 Improve Medicare by helping seniors and people with disabilities afford their prescription drugs.
 btn_reason_5 Prohibit denials of coverage based on pre-existing conditions.
 btn_reason_6 Limit out-of-pocket costs so that Americans have security and peace of mind.
 btn_reason_7 Help young adults by requiring insurers to allow all dependents to remain on their parents plan until age 26.
 btn_reason_8 Expand Medicaid to millions of low-income Americans.
 btn_reason_9 Provide sliding-scale subsidies to make insurance premiums affordable.
 btn_reason_10 Hold insurance companies accountable for how our health care dollars are spent.
 btn_reason_11 Clamp down on insurance company abuses.
 btn_reason_12 Invest in preventive care.




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A 61 yr old journey to second life after a heart surgery

At 49 yrs of age, she was gasping for breath when walking 5 blocks to the convention she is suppose to attend. When she finally made it, she immediately phoned her doctor for an unscheduled medical checkup. She was not given an angiogram so at that time nothing was found that should be alarming.

One month later, she was hiking with friends and felt that she was gasping for breath again and she knows that she has to lose weight, maybe 30 lbs at her small stature. So back to the doctor’s clinic, she insisted to get an angiogram and when she had it, the doctors found out that her arteries are 90% clogged.

So a surgery was scheduled the next day to catch the doctors before they go on vacation. She called her priest and prayed about it. During the surgery, she saw her spirit leave her body and she can see how she looked in the operating room with her body cut open in the middle like a frog cut open. During that time, she felt a pink light and warm feeling of love and then she heard a warm and loving voice, “what do you choose to do now, to go back to your body or leave it. “ She decided to go back to her body.

From this experience, she appreciates life more each day when she wakes up and even when she lost everything financially 2 yrs ago, she picked up herself and started all over. A year ago, she was introduced to be an independent consultant for Rodan and Fields dermatologists, doctors of Proactiv, in direct selling of anti-aging skin care. She believed in the product and to be financially free and have her own business with low cost of entry. To be able to start the business, she needs around $600 so she worked at Panera bread to save the money needed to start as consultant and be in business with a team of people.

Now her face is glowing as she herself used the product for the first 6 months to show that it works to others and always hugging people and thankful for life. I am appreciating life to the fullest, she said.


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