President Obama defeats Trump at Twitter using love 

Washington Post 8-16-2017

PowerPost • Analysis
The Daily 202: False moral equivalency is not a bug of Trumpism. It’s a feature.
From the alt-right to Putin and the Clintons, Trump’s “both sides” conceit is nothing new.
By James Hohmann  •  Read more »
Obama’s response to Charlottesville violence is the most liked tweet in Twitter’s history
“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion,” Obama said, quoting Nelson Mandela.
By Kristine Phillips  •   Read more »
Baltimore hauls away four Confederate monuments after overnight removal
The predawn removal of four monuments comes days after white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville.
By Fenit Nirappil  •   Read more »
The Post’s View • Opinion
The nation can only weep
In his remarks Tuesday, the president showed his true feelings and deepened the nation’s wounds after Charlottesville.
By Editorial Board  •   Read more »
‘Clinically insane,’ ‘7th circle of hell’: Late-night hosts process Trump’s news conference
For the second night in a row, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and the others did not hold back.
By Emily Yahr  •   Read more »
Right Turn • Opinion
Republicans, cut the outrage. It’s time to disown Trump.
Mere words are insufficient — and insufferable.
By Jennifer Rubin  •   Read more »
President Trump must go
Every day he remains in office is a victory for the extremists.
By David Rothkopf  •   Read more »
The Plum Line • Opinion
Everyone working for Trump knows his Charlottesville response is an abomination
And they will be stained by all that is to come.
By Greg Sargent  •   Read more »
Trump tried to save their jobs. These workers are quitting anyway.
Factory workers are leaving their jobs at the highest rate in a decade.
By Danielle Paquette  •   Read more »
Made by History • Analysis
Who are the antifa?
President Trump equated them with white supremacists. Here’s why he’s wrong.
By Mark Bray  •   Read more »
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Politics • Analysis
Trump puts a fine point on it: He sides with the alt-right in Charlottesville
Trump compared counterprotesters without a permit and George Washington to the Nazis and Robert E. Lee.
By Philip Bump  •  Read more »
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Why slippery slope arguments should not stop us from removing Confederate monuments
The case for removing them does not imply that we should also remove monuments to the Founding Fathers and other historical figures actually worthy of honor.
By Ilya Somin  •  Read more »
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Lincoln Memorial vandalized with red spray paint
The graffiti appeared to say “[expletive] law,” according to the National Park Service.
By Justin Wm. Moyer  •  Read more »
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ESPN apologizes for player ‘auction’ during fantasy football marathon
The network was criticized for being apparently oblivious to the poor optics and racial dynamics of the segment.
By Des Bieler  •  Read more »
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Trump again blamed ‘both sides’ in Charlottesville. Here’s how politicians are reacting.
As clashes in Charlottesville between white nationalists and counterprotesters became violent, here’s what lawmakers are saying about the event.
By Kevin Uhrmacher  •  Read more »

President Barack Obama key results

Since President Barack Obama first took office:

  • The economy has added more than 10 million jobs, and job openings are at a 15-year high.
  • The unemployment rate has dropped well below the historical norm, but long-term unemployment remains higher than at the start of the Great Recession.
  • The buying power of the average worker’s weekly paycheck is up 4.4 percent.
  • Corporate profits are running 152 percent higher, and stock prices have soared.
  • The number of immigrants caught trying to enter the U.S. illegally has dropped 53 percent.
  • Federal debt has more than doubled, and annual deficits, after shrinking, are again on the rise.
  • The home ownership rate has dropped by 4 percentage points.
  • The number of Americans on food stamps is up 36 percent.
  • Oil imports are down 53 percent, and wind and solar power have quadrupled.
  • The number of people lacking health insurance has gone down by 15.2 million.

12 Reasons to Support Health Care , Obamacare

Our new health care law will have a profound impact on the health and economic well-being of American families, businesses, and the economy. Below are some of the key provisions of the new legislation. Click on each icon to read more!

The new health care law will:

 btn_reason_1 Ensure that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care.
 btn_reason_2 Create a new, regulated marketplace where consumers can purchase affordable health care.
 btn_reason_3 Extend much needed relief to small businesses.
 btn_reason_4 Improve Medicare by helping seniors and people with disabilities afford their prescription drugs.
 btn_reason_5 Prohibit denials of coverage based on pre-existing conditions.
 btn_reason_6 Limit out-of-pocket costs so that Americans have security and peace of mind.
 btn_reason_7 Help young adults by requiring insurers to allow all dependents to remain on their parents plan until age 26.
 btn_reason_8 Expand Medicaid to millions of low-income Americans.
 btn_reason_9 Provide sliding-scale subsidies to make insurance premiums affordable.
 btn_reason_10 Hold insurance companies accountable for how our health care dollars are spent.
 btn_reason_11 Clamp down on insurance company abuses.
 btn_reason_12 Invest in preventive care.




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