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Microglia cells survey synapses by engulfing them

Microglial cells fulfill a variety of different tasks within the CNS mainly related to both immune response and maintaining homeostasis. The following are some of the major known functions carried out by these cells.[citation needed] Scavenging In addition to being very sensitive to small changes in their environment, each microglial cell also physically surveys itsContinue reading “Microglia cells survey synapses by engulfing them”

Consumers want more holistic health solutions and education

Like you, during those times when I have to select a health insurance or quality foods and supplementation, I chose the later. I have to nourish my body with adequate sleep, exercise such as NC.FIT cross fit, sunshine, whole foods and quality supplementation at:


How young and older Americans research information on TV and the internet

    http://www.norc.org/PDFs/75th%20Anniversary%20Research%20Project.pdf   Join 25,000 people in helping redefine health with health concierge and precision medicine. We would like to invite all doctors serving mental health consumers and cancer as we are redesigning this site to include telemedicine , allows video chat with doctors, and precision medicine. https://clubalthea.com/2016/10/14/your-complete-dna-sequence-will-help-shape-the-future-of-medicine/

Your voice in the health mobile app

Dear Readers, Please complete the survey above by clicking on anyone of the images. This will help us create a mobile health app that will help you and others reduce cost in chronic health care monitoring and management. Blessings, Connie  

Measure our success, why data analytics, Big Data

What to do with Big Data? Uber analyzes important data such as driver’s rating (must not be below 4.65). Most tech companies measure user experience. Most successful service companies deliver based on user experience. Here is a sample of my data from wordpress for my site clubalthea.com