No more market loses and taxes with index investing and Personal Finance 101 for rich and poor

Rich or poor you can still save for a lifetime retirement income/pension/savings plan or your own personal 801k.

Your money does not participate when the market is down, keeps your gain and principal intact. Nor market loses or risks.

You save your net income each month, $200 or $3k or even more, no income limits and yearly saving limits unlike the Roth IRA.

Tax free like the Roth IRA but supercharge, you set your own limits and savings.

When you need the money, you can borrow 90% from it without paying it back since it is your own savings plan.

During health threats such as cancer,stroke or disability, you can access up to $1.5M or 70-90% of the face amount.

Best of all, with a stroke of a pen, you can leave a big estate to the next generation.


Take action, save now with an index investment strategy using an IUL investing plan with lifetime retirement income and health benefits (been returning or g rowing at 8% with cap of 13%, guaranteed at 2.5%).  5 indexing strategies to maximize your savings plan.
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How do you avoid the estimated 50% total taxes from your 401k before you reach 59.5 yrs old?

A qualified plan can be moved to another qualified plan (tax deferred).

After moving to a qualified plan such as an Index Annuity (with up to 13% return),

You can use the yearly return to fund your Index Strategy UL, with tax-free accumulation.

For those who do not have a 401k or self-funded retirement plan, there are many ways to a retirement plan.

Starting at 30,40,50,or 60 yrs of age is still doable, with your conviction to save long term, conservatively.

I met a doctor once who was selling the mountain he bought in Los Gatos.

And he said, I made more money in real estate than being a doctor.

There was a couple who started buying real estate to be rented out before they live in the third house they bought.

In the Philippines, sending all the children to college is the norm, even selling the only property they have.

Education brings wealth, an 8-5 job is a must, our parents told us.

As young people save in high-risk investments, they have to learn their lessons the hard way.

We have to have peace of mind with our savings, investments and wealth.

Our goal is to build an estate for the next generation and retire early, comfortably.

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