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Human Health Dangers of Bird Droppings Associated with HVAC …

Enteroviral Infection: The Forgotten Link to Amyotrophic Lateral … – NCBI

Mar 12, 2018 – Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating ….. such as exosomes (Bird et al., 2014; Robinson et al., 2014; Chen et al., ….. in respiratory and feces samples of the patients with Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease after recovery.

Bats and human health – Health conditions directory…/bats-and-human-health

A Survey of the Aerobic Bacteria in the Feces of Captive Raptors – jstor

Feces of 47 captive raptors belonging to the order Falconiformes or Strigi- … the second most common isolate, was cultured from 30 birds. …… Thanks are als.

Psittacosis in Birds and People |

Burn bird poop instead of coal to save the planet, Israeli scientists … › Science & Health

Nazis a ‘speck of bird poop’ on Germany’s ‘successful’ history, far-right …

Does Glyphosate Acting as a Glycine Analogue Contribute To ALS?

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal neurodegenerative disease … in the human gut, reaching a density of more than 1010 bacteria per gram of feces. …. Remarkably, a paralytic disease that has afflicted multiple bird species in …

ALS from virus, some liver cancer from parasites and fibromyalgia from gut microbes

People with fibromyalgia have different gut bacteria



17 hours ago – Gut microbiome and fibromyalgia Numerous studies have revealed that the interaction between the gut microbiome and the body plays an important role in health and disease. Metformin, a drug for treating insulin resistance, shows promise as a treatment for fibromyalgia pain and warrants further research.

Unique Gut Microbiome Composition May Be Fibromyalgia Marker …



4 days ago – For the first time, researchers have identified a possible link between gut microbiomecomposition and fibromyalgia. These findings are not …

Gut bacteria associated with chronic pain for first time: People with …



6 days ago – Gut bacteria associated with chronic pain for first time. People with fibromyalgia show variations in microbiome composition. Date: June 20 …

Novel research links chronic pain condition with gut microbiome …



Amir Minerbi, first author on the paper, along with his colleagues, have found a correlation between fibromyalgia and alterations in the gut microbiome(Credit: …

Is Fibromyalgia Caused By SIBO and Leaky Gut? | Chris Kresser › … › Is Fibromyalgia Caused By SIBO and Leaky Gut?


7 days ago – A study in 2008 found a relationship between alterations of the intestinal microbiota (i.e. “gut flora”) and fibromyalgia. (5); Researchers at …


Fibromyalgia and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)



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Gut bacteria , gut flora, microbiome. Bacteria inside the small intestine, concept, representation. 3D illustration. Image Credit: Anatomy Insider / Shutterstock …

A diagnostic biomarker profile for fibromyalgia syndrome based on an …



by BG Malatji – ‎2017 – ‎Cited by 12 – ‎Related articles

May 11, 2017 – Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic pain syndrome. … related to the gut microbiome (hippuric, succinic and lactic acids) were observed.

Altered microbiome composition in individuals with fibromyalgia. – NCBI


by A Minerbi – ‎2019

7 days ago – Altered microbiome composition in individuals with fibromyalgia. … is the first demonstration of gut microbiome alteration in non-visceral pain.

Altered microbiome composition in individuals with fibromyalgia


7 days ago – Fibromyalgia (FM) is a prevalent syndrome, characterised by … this is the first demonstration of gut microbiome alteration in non-visceral pain.

Enteroviral Infection: The Forgotten Link to Amyotrophic Lateral … – NCBI



by YC Xue – ‎2018 – ‎Cited by 9 – ‎Related articles

Mar 12, 2018 – This review will focus on the possible contribution of viral infection, in particular, enteroviral infection in the pathogenesis of ALS.

Environmental Factors – The ALS Association › Our Research › Focus Areas


Polio virus, for instance, infects motor neurons and can at times lead to a weakening condition called the post-polio syndrome years after the initial infection. Scientists have considered viral infection for many other disorders of the nervous system, from schizophrenia to multiple sclerosis, as well as for ALS.

Could viruses play a role in the onset or progression of ALS in people …



Jul 28, 2017 – Updated November 28, 2017. When a person is infected with a virus, it triggers an immune response that generally results in inflammation.

Ancient Virus May Cause Crippling Disease ALS, Study Finds



Oct 1, 2015 – “The virus was expressed in cortical and spinal neurons of ALS patients, but not in neurons from control healthy individuals,” they wrote in their report, published in Science Translational Medicine. They put genes from the virus into mice, and the mice developed an ALS-like disease.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS): Causes, symptoms, and treatment



Dec 14, 2017 – Medical problems that can produce similar symptoms to ALS include HIV, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), the polio virus, and West Nile …

What is ALS? · ‎Causes and types · ‎Symptoms · ‎Treatment

Can Viral Infections Cause ALS? – AAN



St. Paul, Minn. – The AIDS virus can cause a form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALSor Lou Gehrig”s disease, that can improve or even resolve …

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) – Symptoms and causes – Mayo …



Jul 17, 2018 – Find out more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of ALS, … or chemicals, traumatic injuries, viral infections, and intense exertion.

Tests for Infectious Diseases – ALS News Today



Certain infectious diseases can cause ALS-like symptoms. … Human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV) can also mimic ALS as it can cause gait problems and …

Could a Virus Cause Lou Gehrig’s Disease? – WebMD › Brain & Nervous System › News


Jan 13, 2000 – Although amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, has been described since the mid-1890s, its origin is still not …

Reviewing the evidence for viruses as environmental risk factors for ALS


by DB Celeste – ‎2018 – ‎Cited by 4 – ‎Related articles

Finally, we offer a new perspective on the association of viruses with ALS, and underscore the need for multidisciplinary approaches bridging neurology and …

Liver flukes are parasites that can infect humans and cause liver and bile duct disease. There are two families of liver flukes that cause disease in humans: …

Parasites that can lead to cancer | American Cancer Society



Jul 11, 2016 – Parasites that can lead to cancer. … Opisthorchis viverrini and Clonorchis sinensis are liver flukes (a type of flatworm) that have been linked to increased risk of developing cancer of the bile ducts. The bile ducts are tubes that connect the liver to the intestines.

Parasitic worms cause cancer — and could help cure it — ScienceDaily



Mar 25, 2019 – “Many parasites, including some helminths like the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica, inhibit cancer growth in vitro. Another of these — the ominously …

Parasite Infection, Carcinogenesis and Human Malignancy – NCBI – NIH



by H van Tong – ‎2017 – ‎Cited by 21 – ‎Related articles

Jump to Schistosomiasis and Cancer – Adult worms are usually found in human hosts; their … Liver and colorectal cancers and lymphoid tumors may be …


Liver fluke: Symptoms and treatment – Medical News Today



Sep 21, 2017 – The liver fluke is a parasite found in the bile ducts and the liver. The condition can cause severe diseases in a range of animals, although it …

Bile Duct Cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma) and Liver Fluke Infection …



Mar 6, 2018 – One risk factor for bile duct cancer is past infection with tiny parasitic worms called liverflukes, which are found in the fresh waters of Southeast …
May 15, 2012 – A team of international scientists has made a significant breakthrough in understanding the cause of bile duct cancer, a deadly type of liver …

Undetected Parasitic Infection May Cause Deadly Cancer in Vietnam …



Nov 24, 2017 – Sugar, Gallbladder Cancer Supposedly Linked, Study Claims … link between soldiers infected with a liver parasite and cancer of the bile duct.

Many Vietnam Vets May Have Cancer-Causing Parasites: What Are …



Nov 29, 2017 – Hundreds of Vietnam War veterans may be infected with parasites called liver flukes, which can sometimes lead to cancer, recent research …
May 29, 2019 – They can cause bile duct cancer (a type of liver cancer). The parasites are more common in certain regions, such as Asian countries China, …

Stem Cell Roundup: Crafty Cancer, Fighting Viruses, and Brainstorm ALS Trial Expands to Canada

Researchers at Duke University were studying lung tumor samples and discovered something that didn’t quite belong. Inside the lung tumors were miniature parts of the digestive system including the stomach, duodenum and small intestine. It turns out that the lung cancer cells (and cancer cells in general) are super crafty and had turned off the expression of a gene called NKX2-1. This gene is a master switch that tells developing cells to turn into lung cells. Without this command, cells switch their identity and mature into gut tissue instead. By manipulating these master switches, cancer cells are able to develop resistance to chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

So, what does this bizarre finding mean for cancer research? Purushothama Rao Tata, first author on the Developmental Cell study, provided an answer in a news release:

“Cancer biologists have long suspected that cancer cells could shape shift in order to evade chemotherapy and acquire resistance, but they didn’t know the mechanisms behind such plasticity. Now that we know what we are dealing with in these tumors – we can think ahead to the possible paths these cells might take and design therapies to block them.”

For more cool photos and insights into this study, watch the Duke University video below.

Secrets to the viral-fighting ability of stem cells uncovered (Todd Dubnicoff)

I’ve been writing about stem cells for many years and thought I knew most of the basic info about these amazing cells. But up until this week, I had no idea that stem cells are known to fight off viral infections much better than other cells. It does makes sense though. Stem cells give rise to and help maintain all the organs and tissues of the body. So, it would be bad news if, let’s say, a muscle stem cell multiplied to repair damaged tissue while carrying a dangerous virus.

How exactly stem cells fend off attacking viruses is a question that has eluded researchers for decades. But this week, results published in Cell by Rockefeller University scientists may provide an answer.

The researchers found that liver cells and stem cells defend themselves against viruses differently. In the presence of a virus, liver cells and most other cells react by releasing large amounts of interferon, a protein that acts as a distress signal to other cells in the vicinity. That signal activates hundreds of genes responsible for attracting protective immune cells to the site of infection.

Stem cells, however, are always in this state of emergency. Even in the absence of interferon, the antiviral genes were activated in stem cells. And when the stem cells were genetically engineering to lack some of the antiviral genes, the cells no longer could stop viral infection.

In a press release, senior author Charles Rice explained the importance of this work:

“By understanding more about this biology in stem cells, we may learn more about antiviral mechanisms in general.”

CIRM-funded clinical trial for ALS now available next door – in Canada (Kevin McCormack)

In kindergarten we are taught that it’s good to share. So, we are delighted that a Phase 3 clinical trial for ALS – also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease – that CIRM is helping fund is now expanding its reach across the border from the U.S. into Canada.

Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, the company behind the therapy, says it is going to open a clinical trial site in Canada because so many Canadians have asked for it.

The therapy, as we described in a recent blog post, takes mesenchymal stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow. Those cells are then modified in the lab to be able to churn out specific proteins that can help protect the brain cells attacked by ALS. The cells are then transplanted back into the patient and the hope is they will slow down, maybe even stop the progression of the disease.

Earlier studies showed the therapy was safe and seemed to benefit some patients. Now people with ALS across our northern border will get a chance to see if it really works.

Chaim Lebovits, the president and chief executive officer of BrainStorm, said in a press release:

“Although there are thousands of patients worldwide with ALS, we initially designed the Phase 3 trial to enroll U.S.-based patients only, primarily to make it easier for patient follow-up visits at the six U.S. clinical sites. However, due to an outpouring of inquiry and support from Canadian patients wanting to enroll in the trial, we filed an amendment with the FDA [the U.S. Food and Drug Administration] to allow Canada-based ALS patients to participate.”

ALS and virus

a doctor


A new study reports a genetically modified poliovirus therapy has been shown to improve long term survival rates in recurrent glioblastoma brain cancer patients. Researchers say the therapy had a three year survival rate for 21 percent of participants in a phase 1 clinical trial, compared to just 4% of patients who received more standard treatments.  READ MORE…
a brain with a drawing of a viral vector on top


Researchers provide evidence that certain species of human herpesvirus contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. The study reports high levels of human herpesvirus 6A and 7 were found in brain samples showing signs of Alzheimer’s neuropathology. The findings offer hints of the viral mechanisms that could trigger or exacerbate AD. READ MORE…
Image shows a small child with chickenpox.


Researchers at Aarhus University have identified a mutation in an immune system sensor that can result in chicken pox infection becoming fatal. According to the study, immune cells in those with extreme reaction to VZV neither detected the virus nor activated the immune system. The findings shed light on why some people are more susceptible to infections than others.  READ MORE…

Virus, ALS , Vitamin C and carotenoid

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    TIGLUTIK is the first and only easy-to-swallow liquid riluzole for people living with ALS. TIGLUTIK will be available mid-October 2018.
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  1. TIGLUTIK (riluzole) – Now FDA Approved‎

    TIGLUTIK is the first and only easy-to-swallow liquid riluzole for people living with ALS. TIGLUTIK will be available mid-October 2018.
  2. Study aims to slow ALS signs – Recently diagnosed with ALS?‎

    We’re looking for patients diagnosed 18 months or less ago to join our phase 2 study. If you live with early signs of ALS, please inquire here to see if you qualify.
  3. Natural Remedies For Als | Right Now‎

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