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Vitamin A deficient lung – COPD – hospice in home senior care

Last night, I massaged the chest and back of an 80-yr old male hospice senior in the bay area with apricot oil with essential oil of eucalyptus and lemon. Vitamin A deficiency is prevalent among those with lung disease. I instructed the caregiver to get sunshine in the morning and continue on healing massage in other parts of the body too especially the heart, feet, lungs, and liver area.


Lung Cancer genes

Molecular Profiling of Lung Cancer Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer related mortality in the United States, with an estimated 224,390 new cases and 158,080 deaths anticipated in 2016 (ACS 2016). Classically, treatment decisions have been empiric and based upon histology of the tumor. Platinum based chemotherapy remains the cornerstone of treatment. However, survival

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Dietary needs of toxic lungs

Avoid the following to create an anti-fungal or anti-mold diet that helps detox your lungs Alcoholic beverages: Alcohol is the mycotoxin of Saccharomyces yeast (brewer’s yeast), and often contains other mycotoxins from mold-containing fruits and grains Wheat and all wheat products Rye Peanuts: Often contaminated with dozens of mold types, one of which is cancer-causing

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Lung disease: COPD among white and black women

Change in death rate among white women in the USA: Klamath, OR: +16% Dallas, TX: +20% SF: -29% LA: -18% Tulsa OK: +20% Salt Lake, UT: +9% Fresno, CA: +8% Santa Clara: -15% 44% History of Asthma ; 38% smokers 10M white women with COPD, 1.4M Black women, 1M Hispanic women 1991-1995: Heart disease death

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Caring for parents by gen X

Most common issues with ailing parents, age 70 to 100 are: lack of appetite, lack of sleep, chronic conditions such as cough, pain, constipation, UTI, anxiety, depression, pneumonia, kidney and liver health issues from polypharmacy, med addiction, arthritis, inflammation and other degenerative health issues. It is very difficult when a spouse care for her ailing

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