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Rent getting higher and partnering up to get your first home or be a real estate owner

Dear visitors, I am going to join an auction of tax lien properties in the bay area this August 2016 and is willing to partner up with you if you are interested for positive income cash flow. We should join forces in the real estate market where rent is getting higher and one cannot do

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Hot topics in City of Palo Alto, California

scholarship program, for low income families to be able to take classes.2)no smoking policy in public areas Affordable housing for low to middle income families Job-share options for parents and apprenticeships for teens Free shuttle between East Palo Alto and Palo Alto so youth can partake in afterschool activities. Transportation: less traffic, more parking, more

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8.69% return to break even upon home purchase

1. Home Maintenance Costs Home maintenance expenditures include cash outlays for services such as appliance repair, pest control, house cleaning, chimney cleaning, gutter and downspout cleaning, landscaping, lawn maintenance and home security. (To save money on home expenses, see Fifteen Insurance Policies You Don’t Need, Extended Warranties: Should You Take The Bait? and Five Money-Saving

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Buy an acre of land in Arizona for a free trip to the Philippines

Contact Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883 or conniedbuono@gmail for this all paid one acre lot. Description: Concho lake land unit 3 lot 470 APN 107-31-295 apache county arizona  

Real Estate IRA Caveats

Investing in real estate inside an IRA comes with strict rules. Complication number one: Owning property in an IRA negates all the familiar tax benefits of owning investment real estate, says James Lange, a CPA and financial planner in Pittsburgh. You can’t deduct property taxes or mortgage interest or take advantage of depreciation. Aggravation number

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