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Cancer event in Texas Oct 2016

cancer 3who cancer 2who cancercancer seminarOver 40 incredible presenters and just 1500 people.

That’s about 1 amazing natural health luminary to every 40 people.

So… who’s going to be on the stage?

Brilliant minds like…

Dr. Joseph Mercola… Mike Adams… Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski… Dr. Joshua Axe… Sayer Ji… Dr. Andrew Wakefield… KC & Monica Craichy… Dr. Jonathan Wright…

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy… Ocean Robbins… Dr. Ben Johnson… Jordan Rubin… Dr. Patrick Quillin… G. Edward Griffin… Dr. Darrell Wolfe… Jeffrey Smith… Dr. Robert Scott Bell…

And that’s not the half of it.

This event will give you unprecedented access to these superstars in a setting that gives you up close and personal interaction unlike any other event.

We’ve captured these amazing minds and we’re physically bringing them right to you along with us, your co-hosts for this amazing event, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, the co-founders of TTAC!

It May Never Happen Again…

Sure… it was a monumental challenge to get all of these amazing natural health luminaries to agree on the same 3 days in October, but somehow we’ve done it.

I suspect it will never happen again with this many top experts able to present their “best of the best” insights to you in person, and that’s what makes this event so unique.

You can scroll down the page and see for yourself exactly who’s going to be on the docket, but I want to tell you just a little more about what they’re going to share with you during these explosive 3 days.

There’s no way I could possibly list everything you’re going to learn here…

Imagine three full days of discovering the most powerful health secrets you won’t hear anywhere else from today’s most renowned and respected natural health visionaries!

If you loved the information you got from A Global Quest, this is the next step and giant leap into the world of natural health and healing.

From cancer, heart health and overall health, to our broken healthcare system, these experts are readying their best, most cutting edge materials to share with this exclusive group of attendees.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get to learn firsthand and in person


  • Breakthrough topical treatment for skin cancer
  • Attacking cancer at the root, why seed nutrition is changing the way we look at cancer STEM cells
  • Cancer killers, why getting to the cause is the only real “cure”
  • Nutrition vs. Cancer, the powerful impact that nutrition has on healing cancer
  • The Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Patients, how and why a ketogenic diet can help prevent and beat cancer naturally
  • Targeted Individual Treatment, the do’s and don’ts of treating cancer, one individual at a time
  • Beat Cancer God’s Way, a Biblically inspired approach to Abundant life and health
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
  • 7 Advanced Strategies For Healing Cancer Naturally. Why gut health is on the frontlines of new cancer research
  • The Ideal Diet For Cancer. Specific macronutrient recommendations, daily home monitoring and more
  • Cancer Treatment In The Information Age. Advanced cancer can be controlled or even healed through a new generation of treatments that interfere in signaling networks of cancer.
  • The Autonomic Nervous System’s Role In Cancer. The latest research on the impact the autonomic nervous system plays in immune system function and cancer survival rates.
  • Beating Cancer With Nutrition. Another incredible presentation on how nutrition impacts cancer
  • Cancer Is The Response, Not The Cause. Why some cells go rogue and turn cancerous.
  • The Present And Future Of Non-Toxic Cancer Reversing Therapies
  • Diffusing the cancer time bomb with the “7 Essentials System”
  • Overcoming advanced Cancer, discover why many causes of cancer are ignored by traditional medicine and what you can do about it.

And MUCH more.

Heart Disease:

  • The TRUTH About Heart Disease. Is high cholesterol the real cause of heart disease?
  • The Natural Way To Heart Health. learn how to prevent and treat heart problems naturally and learn the real truth about cholesterol.

Politics and Health Care:

  • The Talk Sick Truth. The power to heal is within you if you know how to unlock it. Learn how to replace dysfunctional belief systems ingrained by traditional medicine and change the way you truly look at yourself .
  • When Crooks Become Cops. Proof of how health-regulatory components of governments have become captive to the demands of the pharmaceutical industries and how they do their bidding.
  • Shifting paradigms in health care. Why our healthcare system is so morally and mentally corrupt and reasonable steps to make radical change.
  • The Glyphosate Deception. The shocking true story of an evil company who may have poisoned the entire world.
  • Biosludged. The EPA’s shocking involvement in the mass chemical poisoning of America with toxic waste and heavy metals.

Overall Health and Wellbeing:

  • The Human Immune System From Infancy To Old Age. An intimate look at the human immune system from birth to old age and the most exciting recent discoveries on immune health.
  • Revive! Juice Fast, Juice Detox. Rid your body of toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and more with this cleansing fast.
  • Epigenetics Labs. Insight into the most cutting edge new supplements on the market today. Immune system support via the most bio-available healing powerhouses in the world.
  • The 7 Toxicities, 3 Foundations Of Health And The Single Most Important Thing In Life. Discover the 7 main toxic elements responsible for disease… how to eliminate them and the surprising “most important thing in life”
  • The Secret To Health. Common everyday items in your home that are causing you to be sick. Impurities contaminate nearly everything, and most diseases are caused by toxins that have polluted your body. The Secret to Health reveals how you can restore your health, increase your energy and vitality, and take control of your body!
  • The Science Of Wellness: Restoring Your Health. In order to move forward as a species on this planet we must learn to overcome our own toxic environment and optimize our health.
  • Homeopathy: The Scientific Proofs. Can homeopathy truly stand up to scientific scrutiny? The answer might just shock you.
  • The Fire Next Time. Inflammation could be the key to most western medical conditions. Find out its cause, and the cures.
  • Planet Heal Thyself – Dramatically improve digestion, supercharge your immune system and jumpstart your metabolism.
  • Restoring Hope. Hope is a powerful force in humans, but what happens when that hope is taken away by illness or trauma? Discover the source of real and lasting hope, love, faith and healing.
  • Your Food Revolution. Our toxic food culture is killing us. A candid and inspiring look at the truth about your food and how it can become a powerful force for change.
  • Unlock The Power To Heal: Your Gut Mission. Unlock the regenerative potential of your body while restoring the health of your entire immune system.
  • Practical Implications of the Informational Revolution In Medicine. The game changing scientific developments in microRNA technology explained for practical understanding.
  • An Inflammation Nation. Pull back the veil and see exactly how toxic your food, supplements and products really are… and what to do about them.



  • Email if you want to sponsor my attending the event in Texas to share you my notes on everything about CANCER and wholistic ways.

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