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Solar panels and financing in one, if needed a full reroof. No house lien, transferable agreement and quality solar panels from start to monitoring.

Save money, save the planet and no more yearly 10% increases of energy rates from utility companies. Solar vs coal, 0.32cents per watt vs 0.18cents

1.99APR vs 10% yearly increases.

Every year, there are more efficient solar panels, micro inverters and choices. Let us show you your solar design to fit your future decisions of getting or having electric cars.

Now hiring solar reps as solar dealers in the USA and licensed life insurance agents as wealth strategists.

Get solar in CA and TX

Solar panels are important when you have an electric car or planning to buy one, you have a swimming pool, children, near schools, don’t want to pay 10% yearly increase from PGE, don’t use coal and save the planet instead, have new roof added to solar financing of 0 down and cut your electric bill in half. Text 4088541883 to save on electric bill and save for your retirement savings instead. Email or text pages 1-4 of your PGE bill and get a solar proposal in an hour. Commercial and residential solar programs available in CA, TX, FL, HI, NM, AZ, CO and other states. Now hiring solar reps and wealth mgrs with life insurance license. Canvassers needed in your neighborhood. Referral fees available for remote job or be a solar broker now.

Solar in California by 2045

With solar roof panels, you can be rest assured that you will not be experiencing an average yearly increase of power bills from PGE by an estimated 10%. There are currently only about 10% of homes are powered by solar and will soon double by end of this year especially for homes with electric cars, near schools and commercial establishments. California also leads the nation in the number of homes which have solar panels installed, totaling over 230,000. Many were installed because of the Million Solar Roof Initiative.

The U.S. installed 3.8 gigawatts (GW) of solar PV capacity in Q3 2020 to reach 88.9 GW of total installed capacity, enough to power 16.4 million American homes.

The Net Metering Program began to help set up homes for solar. New smart meters were ordered by the state government to be changed for each home in California by the utility companies. The new meters track positive credits and energy usage when energy is being produced from the home.

The first two projects to use net metering were an apartment complex and a solar test house in Massachusetts in 1979. Minnesota is commonly cited as passing the first net metering law, in 1983, and allowed anyone generating less than 40 kWh to either roll over any credit to the next month, or be paid for the excess.

San Diego Gas & Electric switched over to NEM 2.0 on June 29, 2016, and Pacific Gas & Electric on December 15, 2016. Southern California Edison didn’t reach its cap and switched over on July 1, 2017. In short, since July 1, 2017, all major investor-owned power utilities in California operate under NEM 2.0.

There is a no cost solar equipment under a Power Purchased Agreement, PPA, where the customer agreed to a flat rate with annual escalator of 2.9, about half a penny each year.

There is also a solar financing, where you can add the new roof loan and or Tesla battery in the solar financing. With solar financing, you can avail of the 26% tax incentive be subtracted from your solar financing amount if you qualify based on your income.
The investment tax credit (ITC), also known as the federal solar tax credit, allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. The ITC applies to both residential and commercial systems, and there is no cap on its value.

California Sets Goal Of 100 Percent Clean Electric Power By 2045Solar panels are mounted on the roof of the Los Angeles Convention Center on September 5. The state’s governor has signed a landmark bill setting a goal of 100 percent clean energy for the state’s electrical needs, by the year 2045.

Email and text Connie to have solar powered house in California, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Hawaii, Colorado, Arizona and other states at 408-854-1883 , . Your savings can be used to power up your retirement savings, estate creation and asset protection.

Increase your home value with solar, no house lien, transferable agreement, warranty and maintenance from solar carriers, 0 upfront cost, get new roof added to solar financing, and more benefits. Own it after 5 years , financing for 10 or 25 years or just used it with PPA for 25 years.

You may add in the financing, the Tesla battery ($15k cost) or not in California.

Save the planet and save for your retirement in one with solar. We are hiring solar reps and wealth managers with life insurance license.

Get solar at 0 cost in the USA

Reduce your energy consumption in the USA with solar panels on your roof, at 0 initial costs. Email connie a copy of your PGE bill to get the annual usage for your account number to create the solar panel design for your roof , at , 4088541883

No need to pay utility energy delivery charges incurred from importing energy to California when you have solar panels on your roof. We work as a broker with 4 carriers and installers (includes Tesla battery as option, ground mount option available). A+ rating with BBB. Currently serving clients in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii (soon) and other states. Only around 15% of California homes have solar. Incentives are high and as we are mandated to be 100% sustainable by 2045. PGE pays you for excess production of electricity from solar panels on your roof (wholesale price).

Check your roof’s sun exposure here:

Criteria: Roof exposure to sun, PGE annual usage, credit score (although we work with other financial services to accommodate lower than 650 FICO).

All newly built homes are required to have solar panels. The purchase agreement (don’t own or rent, use to provide cheaper electric bills), PPA, can include new roofs for those who needs one. No lien is created for your house. A new account is created for the new homeowner. The is also an option for a purchase for tax benefits.
Based on the house and roof, you can qualify for 0 initial costs. New program is 0 costs, we use panels to generate electricity, buying electricity generated from the installed panels. Good for homes with less shade or not so much surrounded by trees to qualify. If you qualify for this lower uniform rates, you can save a lot in your utility bills.

We inspect the roof to custom the design for your roof. There is no commitment during the design phase to show you savings detail. No out-of-pocket from the panels on your roof, based on sun exposure on your roof.

Warren Buffett and Solar Energy

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Solar in Omaha?

Warren Buffett has lived at the same house in Omaha for more than 50 years, which he bought in 1957 for $31,500.

skeeze / Pixabay

We looked up the house on Google’s Project Sunroof, which analyzes a home’s rooftop for solar production potential and estimates savings based on utility costs in that area….ouch! The return on rooftop solar for Buffett is actually negative, which is primarily driven by the low cost of retail energy in Nebraska, which ranks #7 in the U.S. for the lowest cost of energy. Nebraska’s Solar Report Card shows a D with an internal rate of return of 4.4% due to low retail electricity rates and a lack of incentives. So the answer to our original question is a clear “No”, but are there lessons we can apply from Buffett’s investing philosophy to investing in solar energy?


Applying Buffett’s Investing Principles to the Solar Decision

Buffett has generated returns of 20.8% since 1965 for Berkshire compared to the S&P of 9.7% (that’s the difference between 127x and 8,884x), so there is a lot to learn from his investing style. Here are a few Buffett investment tips that we think apply to a homeowners decision to go solar.

Pay a Fair Price

“For the investor, a too-high purchase price for the stock of an excellent company can undo the effects of a subsequent decade of favorable business developments.”

Solar can make a great investment in some states, such as New YorkCalifornia and Massachusetts, where cash returns on solar can be greater than 15%, which compares favorably to the S&P. But these returns assume homeowners pay market prices and will decrease significantly if consumers overpay for solar. So it is important that consumers know how much solar costs and pay a fair price. Our review Q4 review of solar in California indicates that the median price per watt is just under $4.50.

Focus on Cash Flow and Use Conservative Assumptions

“In order to calculate intrinsic value, you take those cash flows that you expect to be generated and you discount them back to their present value – in our case, at the long-term Treasury rate.”

There is a lot of research on how solar panels increases home values, which should provide a homeowner comfort that they will recoup the costs of their solar panels if the decide to sell their home. However, the best approach to evaluate solar is to understand the cash utility savings and how those compare to your cash investment, loan or PPA payments. Furthermore, it is best to use very conservative assumptions regarding future utility rates – don’t buy solar panels if you will only start to realize savings in 5 years assuming utility rates increase at 10% a year. Focus on year one savings and assume 2%-3% utility rate increases.