The only solar solution for Sacramento, Yolo and Amador counties

  • solar final
  • Get easy approval with heart transverter
  • Get up to 60% reduction in installation and materials
  • Works will all power producing products today
  • Uses microgrid tech
  • Reduce impact to grid
  • Cost effective
  • Total solution for solar issues
  • Zero down, zero out of pocket system
  • Engage the individual home owners while substantially lowering their power bills
  • Reduce the grids actual cost to provide each kWh
  • Lower the cost of the electrical infrastructure
  • Integrate Renewable Energy for the lowest possible cost with the highest stability
  • Provide individual house and office autonomous energy security
  • Provide Smart Grid benefits to the homes and the grid companies while minimizing the data processing burden
  • Create a real test bed environment for Smart Grid software developers
  • Provide a state of the art energy lab for every “2 guys in a garage”

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Green Research Institute 501c3
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