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Never pay electric power again with solar and get 26% fed credit

With Goodleap solar loan, you get solar panels at 0 down payment and your panels are not taken away after 20 yrs from your roof. Solar agreement is transferrable, no house lien, soft credit check and being serviced by ESP, number 2 in California using http://www.aptossolar.com 440 Watt solar panels designed in California. 30 yrsContinue reading “Never pay electric power again with solar and get 26% fed credit”

Free ebook on taming cancer early

Learn all the root causes and healing ways to tame cancer early. Download the ebook of Connie Dello Buono about cancer here. Be with nature. I have organized a meetup to see all nature spots in the bay area with music and all. Join here. https://www.meetup.com/greater-bay-area-music-arts-dance-exploration-and-more/ Refer a solar client, homeowners with electric bill overContinue reading “Free ebook on taming cancer early”

Hiring solar reps in California – remote

Tasks: Help homeowners by educating them about solar, gathering their solar needs and showing solar proposals. Requirements: Must use the phone and or do canvassing to get surveys and solar needs. 440 Watt sola panels made in California Refer a solar client, homeowners with electric bill over $100 per month. Connie solar rep, text yourContinue reading “Hiring solar reps in California – remote”

Electric car, have solar power

Email motherhealth@gmail.com if you have an electric car and get a proposal for a 0 upfront cost solar using power purchase agreement or text 408-854-1883 Save $1000+ per month toward your retirement savings while saving the environment. Email connie@connielifeins.com or text 408-854-1883 Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)Buy and install a new home solar system in California in 2020, with orContinue reading “Electric car, have solar power”

Battery, solar and saving electricity

In California where there is less power outage, we don’t need to spend money on Tesla battery. Can you pay around 40% cheaper in electric bills without upfront cost using solar? Yes, text Connie 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com , email your kWhr monthly usage in last 12m for a proposal using solar, power purchase agreement. Note: NoContinue reading “Battery, solar and saving electricity”

Inhabitat sustainability news

TSEH turns 14 shipping containers into a cozy Kiev cafe Costa Rica home has incredible ocean and jungle views NEWS Scientists just created green solar cells Elephants rescue 600 people from floods in Nepal  Drones are planting an entire forest from the sky The devastating reason Mumbai dogs are turning blue  Revolutionary glass bricks generateContinue reading “Inhabitat sustainability news”

The only solar solution for Sacramento, Yolo and Amador counties

Get easy approval with heart transverter Get up to 60% reduction in installation and materials Works will all power producing products today Uses microgrid tech Reduce impact to grid Cost effective Total solution for solar issues Zero down, zero out of pocket system Engage the individual home owners while substantially lowering their power bills ReduceContinue reading “The only solar solution for Sacramento, Yolo and Amador counties”