Learn a new dance, movement , language to grow new brain cells

Surround yourself with people who will let you get the optimum potential that your brain can do to be successful in your own terms. You control your destiny, what your career will be , your finances and happiness.

Find an inspiration. I want to be a doctor before I reached the age of 80. I will use the internet for free skills and knowledge while I save for the time to be full time student as Nurse Practitioner first.

Every time we learn a new dance, movement , language or reach new accomplishments and solve new challenges, our brain cells grow.

So, grow your brain cells and be in control. Do not use the excuse that someone introduced you to a path that later on is a failure. Use that failure to get up and do a meaningful project you own and be proud of. I believe in the human potential and the power of the mind to control the brain to move and do some learning.


motor neurons


WUSTL researchers have converted skin cells into motor neurons without going through the stem cell state. The new technique could help in the development of devastating neurodegenerative diseases, like ALS, that affect motor neurons. READ MORE…
Image shows a neuron.


Researchers have developed a robotic system that allows them to focus in on specific neurons in the brain. The technology could help answer questions such as how neurons interact with each other as we recall a memory. READ MORE…

The reason why I want to succeed

Please tell me what you think of this site, the reason why I am retiring my mom at 78 as a caregiver and more…
Do you know anyone who are not happy with their job, needing a tax free retirement, and a business they can be with for the rest of their lives?
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Connie Dello Buono

Can you motivate yourself to succeed no matter what?

Can you wake up in the morning ready to face any challenges thrown at you?

Can you still work and have the strength to deliver even when you have been failing many times and it seems to take a little longer to see success?

Can you tell  yourself to not eat junk foods and help create a healthy body?

Can you do all of the above and still be motivated to reach your goals?


The answer for me is Yes. There is no turning back for me. As I wanted to retire my working mom of 78 yrs of age and retire myself from financial bondage and create a healthy body, I must believe that I can wake up each day thinking it is a new day and I will conquer any challenges that come my way.

I still am able to motivate others when I am still growing myself, struggling and finding strength to overcome daily failures and reach for my success list.

Thanks to many inspirations, my mom, my two teens, my girlfriends, loves, mentors in my business, trainers, books, words of wisdom I see and feel around me.

Thanks to God, He did not forget me.

Thanks to all your prayers.

What inspires you to wake up early morn to a job or a business

These are the reasons that inspires most of us to succeed no matter what
Retiring your wife, your mother or yourself from the corporate world
To be an expert in your field of endeavor
To learn new skills, to find new answers and to be significant
Sending your teens to college
Building your dream house
Retiring early
Living life with prosperity, good relationships and good karma

Your inspirations charges you to work hard, to wake up every morning
As if it is a new day, to meet challenges face to face
To not waver when the tough gets going
But to brace up and get the courage to continue on your journey
Helping yourself to learn new skills and be an expert
Helping others save money
Helping the company be a cutting edge technology
Helping seniors as caregiver
Doing volunteer work
Healing the sick
To be significant

If you cannot find the strength to move on, think of all the reasons why you are doing what you are doing
Your inspirations that motivate you each day.
I am into building relationships and making each one I met achieve their retirement savings, tax free.
If you believe that we can help others maximize their wealth and minimize taxes, join me.
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Connie Dello Buono
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