Steps in hiring a caregiver with Motherhealth

  1. We help qualify your caregiver based on the health needs of your parents with Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s or other health issues that need 24/7 care or at least 4hr care each day.
  2. We help train and monitor your caregivers who needs to tag team with us to ensure that all the caregiving needs of your parents are met at home.
  3. We ensure that caregivers are ready when you need them so that we have relievers (second caregivers) and shift workers (3 shifts of 8hrs each) for 24/7 or a similar shift assignment.
  4. We respond within 24hrs of your call to find the caregiver based on your location and schedule.
  5. We take care of our caregivers so that they can take care of your parents who are seniors homebound and need assistance in daily living (bathing, feeding, med mgt, transferring, elimination, dressing, exercise, light housekeeping, driving to appointments and more).
  6. We help in ensuring that your house is senior safe, where falls and other emergencies are avoided.
  7. We take care of your seniors like a family, being a loving and caring companion, making them smile and laugh, respecting their dignity, massaging their aching bodies and more.


Bay area senior care and home assistance

We cannot leave our seniors at home without a compassionate and caring caregiver 24/7. We also need to senior safe our house to avoid falls and other accidents/emergencies. Leave contact information and medication list/schedules to a caregiver and another copy in your refrigerator and a copy of medication list in the purse of your mom or dad.

When choosing a caregiver, trust and compassionate care are important. Call 408-854-1883 or email at if you need a caring caregiver for your seniors at home alone.