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Development team


Participate in the requirements planning and delivery of this important health product designed for you and your patients. Email if interested.

Health care gaps

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In preparing the investor desk for Motherhealth Health Mobile Outpatient application, I noted health care gaps that can be solved by the application.

Many of our veterans, elderly, mentally challenged and stressed consumers need on-going support system in addressing their health care needs.

Many of the new health care applications do not integrate to each other.

Email Connie at if you wanted to reduce chronic health care costs and participate in personalized medicine and to participate in a survey addressing important features of the Mobile Health Outpatient application.

Major players in health care mobile application

Apple acquired Gliimpse.  Gliimpse’s technology allows users to digitally aggregate their medical info and share the data. The platform also lets users create daily journal entries to track state of mind, lab results and levels of pain. Gliimpse competitors include San Francisco-based startups Picnic Health and Prime.

Investors have recently shown keen interest in startups organizing medical data. Startups to raise money to clean up patient health records include Elation Health, which raised $15 million earlier this month to eliminate doctors’ paper-based medical records, and Maana, which raised $26 million in May to help healthcare and insurance companies analyze internal data.

Dear Readers,

I am looking for developers and investors to join me in reducing chronic health care costs with a Health Mobile Outpatient application that will match, monitor and report patient generated health data which also includes genomics data, precision/personalized medicine analytics, and more.

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