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For health research and health support tools, the oils come with it and custom fit to your current health issues. The oil product link is not working in this site Product menu.

You can mail a check to Motherhealth llc, at 2599 Pantalis drive, San Jose CA USA 95132 or to non-profit Motherhealth Inc.
or zelle , to email copy of your weekly food or menu.

Some questions to answer:

Do you have filtered water? what is the noise or pollution level around you?

Do you have an indoor stationary bike?

What are your sleep habits?
A copy of your blood test results will help customize your diet and lifestyle plan to a healthy you.

Know that our bioage is affected by the environment , health of our epithelial cells which translates to the efficiency of our RNA in preventing infections.
Story about mRNA ,
Immunosenescence, vaccine, healthy aging

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(650) 946-3368 hotline for aging and holistic care info and resource

You may contact Connie at (650) 946-3368 for any research, information or holistic suggestions and support related to aging, holistic living, weight loss and nutrition.

A 93 yr old client has big kidney stones and does not want any more surgery with past failed experiences. Her family wants holistic care from food and nutrition, massage to caregiving services.

An 80 yr old is in hospice and is terminally ill and given few days to live. She wanted warm hands to give comfort to her and presence at night when she cannot sleep.

A 75-yr old female lives alone and uses oxygen and can no longer cook her favorite meals. She needs care at home and we gave her a companion that she love.

Many times, you feel that you need some tricks to stop your flu, find ways to have a good night sleep and fight skin issues. You are seeing your regular doctor but wanted to incorporate food and nutrition and other wellness modalities.

We can provide you information and resource. And for faster response, you may reach us at Serving the greater bay area.

We can also provide diapers, wipes, chucks, massage oil, supplements, rollators-walkers with chairs and many other services and related products. But best of all , our health coaches can be there on call for you.


$25k vs $2.5k health screen with health coaching

You as health consumer must be empowered to know the latest in health screens from EXOME/whole DNA test, gut microbiome test and whole blood panel tests. Together with your doctor, results of these health screens can help clear your path towards keeping your mind and body strong and healthy.

Motherhealth will soon launch an integrated health screens with health coaching where results are emailed to you, your doctor, genetic counselor and other health care team members you identify. The cost is $2500 vs the competitor which cost more than $25000.

The service includes health screen tests (DNA/EXOME, gut microbiome, whole blood)  , nutrition consult and health coaching to guide and motivate you in your journey toward achieving the balance in health, mind and body.

You can also start a journal of notes and symptoms that you feel and experience. Together with your doctor, you can have a clue of what will happen if these health symptoms are not attended. Care for your body now before it is too late.

Many cancer patients have chronic indigestion, migraine, cough, pain and other symptoms that started 5 or 10 years ago.

Nursing care is becoming more expensive in the absence of a long term care insurance.

If your family is not around to help care for you, you need a caregiver 4hrs or 24hrs to care for you during chronic health care crisis.

Search this site for symptoms and health care tips.

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Share your health goals to get personalized health coaching

Sample Health Goals:

  • Lose weight
  • Incorporate a fit and healthy lifestyle
  • Improve emotional wellbeing
  • Reduce stress
  • Manage chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes, high cholesterol)
  • Manage mental anxiety

Health Coach: Connie Dello Buono

Online or in person: $50 per hour ; fee depends on extensive approach to wellness based on goals and current health status ; with paypal at

Various healing modalities:

Exercise, nutrition, herbs and supplementation, breathing, Gym coaching, complimentary and alternative therapies and more

Health tips for today.

  • Stretch as you wake up and before you get up from your bed in the morning. Repeat before going to bed.
  • Chew your food well.
  • Take time to do cleansing breaths and calming walks with nature.
  • Spend an hour on Sundays to prepare and plan for your weekly meals. Try farmer’s market and gardening.
  • Surround yourself with positive people, environment and music.

Live long and be healthy as you age!

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