How we helped a lung cancer patient live more than 24 months

Before we were hired to be 8-hour per day caregiver for a 4th stage lung cancer client in Los Gatos, California , we were told that he has 6 months to live. Over a year now and he can get up from his bed with his oxygen and getting 6x short walks around his bedroom and doing a squatting and breathing exercise. He is a veteran firefighter and has severe lung issues that he is on oxygen 24 hours a day.

We provide massage, gourmet healthy meals (soup) and loving care. His doctor changed his expiration date from 6 months to 12 months. We are sure that we can help him live more thanĀ  that. He is determined, he drinks water often, drinks his Ensure, and we help him with his bowel movement with suppository , massage, exercise, and whole foods.

We use coconut oil and other essential oils. All Motherhealth caregivers are trained according to his routine.

Text 408-854-1883 if you want 24/7 caregivers or 8 hours within the greater bay area.

Our secret to long life are: hugs, loving caregivers, matched care based on clients’ health needs, whole foods, massage oil, healthy water, exercise, and happy clients

Motherhealth caregivers is holistic home health with happy clients.

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Retirement strategies for women


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Call Connie 408-854-1883 if you want to earn extra income without working more than 3 jobs or if you want to retire with sufficient pension, tax free and with living benefits (access to funds in your pocket from $100k to $1.5M during health threats – similar to long term care , added at no cost to your investment-retirement plan).