Mail In Voting in USA

Mail Voting: The coronavirus pandemic has caused major disruptions for the voting process by creating health risks with traditional in-person voting, and protecting public health by expanding access to voting by mail has become a key part of ensuring the continuity of democracy. Consequently, Daily Kos Elections has created a state-by-state guide detailing how and when to request a mail ballot (commonly called an absentee ballot) for every statewide primary happening this 2020.

Our guide includes information on deadlines to request and return mail ballots, whether a specific excuse or a witness signature is required, whether the state will send ballots or applications for ballots to all voters, and links for where to request mail ballots and find further instructions about the process. We’ll keep this guide updated as states announce any further changes to election procedures or dates, and you can stay on top of any changes to election timing by bookmarking our calendar of 2020 primary elections here.

Automatic Voter Registration Act introduced TODAY in Congress

Automatic Voter Registration Act introduced TODAY in Congress

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This is important:

Right now, more than 50 MILLION Americans are currently not registered to vote.

And 1 in 8 registered voters has outdated or invalid registration information.[1]

The good news? Congressional Democrats just introduced the Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2017 to automatically register every eligible voter and allow them to participate in our elections. YES!!!

Don’t let this critical moment go to waste! We need as many progressive grassroots supporters as possible to get behind this bill RIGHT NOW before it’s too late:

Support for Automatic Voter Registration is MOUNTING across the country. In 2017 alone, 32 states have put forward Automatic Voter Registration bills.

This is amazing — but we MUST do more:

We need a federal law to guarantee that everyone is registered to vote, regardless of their race, income, or voting record.

Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders. Barack Obama. These are just a few of the progressives leading the charge for automatic voter registration.

If you agree, join us RIGHT NOW. Sign our petition to DEMAND Congress pass this important bill:

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– The Progressive Turnout Project