Automatic Voter Registration Act introduced TODAY in Congress

Automatic Voter Registration Act introduced TODAY in Congress

WOW – this is HUGE!!! Sign your name RIGHT NOW to support this landmark bill:

This is important:

Right now, more than 50 MILLION Americans are currently not registered to vote.

And 1 in 8 registered voters has outdated or invalid registration information.[1]

The good news? Congressional Democrats just introduced the Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2017 to automatically register every eligible voter and allow them to participate in our elections. YES!!!

Don’t let this critical moment go to waste! We need as many progressive grassroots supporters as possible to get behind this bill RIGHT NOW before it’s too late:

Support for Automatic Voter Registration is MOUNTING across the country. In 2017 alone, 32 states have put forward Automatic Voter Registration bills.

This is amazing — but we MUST do more:

We need a federal law to guarantee that everyone is registered to vote, regardless of their race, income, or voting record.

Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders. Barack Obama. These are just a few of the progressives leading the charge for automatic voter registration.

If you agree, join us RIGHT NOW. Sign our petition to DEMAND Congress pass this important bill:

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– The Progressive Turnout Project

The so called President is an unstable man with nothing to loose

Please forgive me for being boring, I have to say this. It is not wise for the Press to provide him with so much Publicity. The man thrives on Publicity. The worse they are the better he likes it. He likes controversy and fighting all that is legitimate. Because he knows he is a fake. For how long all the intelligent people he has employed will suffer his controversial and alternative truth. No one knows what is the truth anymore. Nor what the USA stands for. That is the confusion he likes. It makes him unfathomable and so he distracts all from whatever needs concern all. He has nothing to lose. All his employees are the ones who have to absorb the impact till they speak only his language. May God save the USA.