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Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Methods for Hackers

Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Methods for Hackers ¶ Version 0.1¶ Original content created by Cam Davidson-Pilon Ported to Python 3 and PyMC3 by Max Margenot (@clean_utensils) and Thomas Wiecki (@twiecki) at Quantopian (@quantopian) Welcome to Bayesian Methods for Hackers. The full Github repository is available at github/Probabilistic-Programming-and-Bayesian-Methods-for-Hackers. The other chapters can be found on the project’s

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Medical Device Clinical Trials: What You Need To Know

There are some noted differences between medical devices and pharmaceutical industries in the literature. They are different in a number of ways as noted by Greg Campbell (2006). A medical device is anything that is not either a drug or a biologic product. Medical devices usually work physically, while pharmaceutical products usually work chemically or biologically. Medical devices can be therapeutic, diagnostic or something else, whereas pharmaceutical products are usually therapeutic. Medical devices are invented, while drugs are usually discovered.

Medical Device Design Control Implementation Summary List

1.      Identify Total Design Control Requirement Review of specific design control requirements, determine their source and identify implementation methods. ·         Design Control ·         US – Food Drug and Cosmetics Act & 21 CFR Part 820 ·         EU – Medical Device Directive (MDD) & EN ISO 13485:2012 ·         Canada – Canadian Medical Device Regulations (CMDR) &

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