Personalized Diet ebook

By Connie Dello Buono for cancer-free world

As you breath daily, exercise with sun exposure, sleep to detox your cells and consume whole foods to supply your body with energy and nutrients, know that your cells can be mobilized to repair and grow.

Increase your cell nutrients (positive outcome from your gene expression with selected nutrients also in PDR – Physician Desk  Reference and see Youtube Dr Oz Pharmanex scanner which validates the supplements from this store) , email to own this store for you:

Learn about toxins from the environment, food, air, water and drugs that can influence your cells to age prematurely.  Your goal must be to reduce sugar, alcohol,smoking and other toxins (charred BBQ meat, moldy foods,fungus) from affecting your cells.

Your baseline genes together with your lifestyle can greatly impact where you want your health to be in the future. Nurture, love and care are still the important ingredients for a stronger immune system. So surround yourself with people who care about your health.

Email motherhealth your health goals, health history and other pertinent health info so that a personalized diet can be designed just for you. We shall follow Data Privacy (HIPPA and GINA compliance) laws.


Email to get the first draft of an ebook on Personalized Diet that comes with work from partner genetic counselors, current science and patient related research, from results of your own health data and Whole Exome Sequence DNA test ($500 test, free ebook, free health coaching and health concierge) or other genetic tests listed at (coming soon) .  Also in the genetic test pipeline are two tests: one to detect cancer before it progress and one to measure your molecular age (both tests were designed by professors from Stanford).


The ebook contains the following topics categorized and updated daily:

Sports Medicine Guide for young Athletes

The listed ebook contents above are updated daily as new research comes up. We will soon summarize all the contents using Pressbook. We welcome contributions/posts from doctors, nutritionist, gym coach, genetic counselors, and all health consumers. Together, we can fight cancer and learn from each other. 90% of the costs go to genetic lab for tests and 5% of the net income will benefit students who wants to finish college.  Some health insurance companies shall reimburse your genetic tests as prescribed by your doctor.  Share this info to your doctors, friends and family.