Training and Training materials, what managers need to know

Skills: We deliver skills training with hands on exercise, one on one skills training with experts, with repetition and encouraging questions and learning. In this format, we build confidence for the learner to use the skills in practical ways, directed to real applications on the manufacturing floor.

Knowledge: Instructor led with use of powerpoint, less or minimal exercise or absence of group practice exercise. Conducive for intro to knowledge with no emphasis on real application or settings related to a particular task.

Questions to managers

  1. Will you separate the operator and middle management in two different set of training class?
  2. Will you add skills related exercise if the trainers are going to use the skills in the manufacturing floor?
  3. Will you tailor fit your training materials based on baseline knowledge and skills of the trainees and the language used ensuring global translation standards in the computer and electronic industries?

If the answer is Yes, you are not going to waste training time but will add value to the training program.

Remember, materials and training class should bridge the gap between the baseline skills and knowledge and expected skills and knowledge needed to get the job done.

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