Richest person in each state in the USA


Dear Sir,

We would like to invite you to join our cause in reducing chronic care costs, cancer care coordination and elder care via a mobile health application from Motherhealth.


Connie Dello Buono


Mark Zukerberg

Sheldon Adelson

Bruce Halle

Mack Chase

Phil Knight

Bill Gates

Scott Simplot

Dennis Washington

Forrest and John Mars

Charles Ergen

Alice Walton

Harold Hamm

Charles Koch

Warren Buffet

T Denny Sanford

Gary Tharaldson

Whitney MacMillan

Harry Stine

Stanley Kroenke

Jim Walton

Tom Benson

John Menard

Ken Griffin

Thomas Frist

Jimmy Rane

Leslie Lampton

Jim Kennedy

Anita Zucker

James Goodnight

Jacquelien Mars

B Wyane Huges

Carl Cook

Ken Griffin

Daniel Gilbert

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone

Michael Bloomberg

John Abele

Andrea Reimann Ciardelli

Abigail Johnson

Jonathan Nelson

Ray DAlio

Donald Newhouse

Robert Gore and Elizabeth Synder

Ted Lerner

Thomas Peterffy

Pierre Omidyar

Leonard Hyde and Jonathan Rubini