$800 per month rent for a toolshed with no bathroom only in Silicon Valley


Perhaps the landlords found a taker. Or perhaps they were shamed into removing their offering of a converted backyard tool shed in Menlo Park for $800 per month.

The rental was listed among the Stanford University classifieds and aptly dubbed “Apartment Sadness” by a writer for Sfist.com.

The digs had no running water or toilet. BUT … the 8×15 space came furnished with a water jug and a commode. And — oh! — the right to use the main house bathroom Friday to Monday.

The real shocker is someone did live there previously. Read more on that here.

But if you missed out on that deal in May, here is another: A Bay Area fellow is renting a tent in a Mountain View backyard for $30 a night.

Renting through the Airbnb, a website that lists “unique places” to rent worldwide, the tent comes furnished with a pillow and blanket. And this landlord allows the tenant inside his home for a hot shower.

And actually, the tent owner explains to NBC Bay Area, the idea sort of started as a joke at $20 per night. But the offers came pouring in … so UP went the rent.


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