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Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers & pharmacogenetic test to prevent adverse drug reaction

Table of Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers in Drug Labeling Pharmacogenomics can play an important role in identifying responders and non-responders to medications, avoiding adverse events, and optimizing drug dose. Drug labeling may contain information on genomic biomarkers and can describe: Drug exposure and clinical response variability Risk for adverse events Genotype-specific dosing Mechanisms of drug action Polymorphic

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How can we promote patient safety?

Source: Patient safety in hospitals Patient safety in hospitals and other settings are very important. I am sharing a letter to your doctor on the use of pharmacogenetic and toxicology tests to prevent adverse drug reactions on your future and curent medications. Email Connie Dello Buono ,rep at medxprime at 408-854-1883 for a copy

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