Give and receive a referral

Dear Friends,

I am  giving away gift cards for referring me to others in 50 US states. Please refer me to those who:

  • have term life insurance or whole life with no living benefits, access to $1.5M when cancer, stroke or disability occurs added at no cost
  • needs a college or retirement savings plan, 13% return Index Universal Life policy 3:1 with disability, asset protection, retirement savings
  • have 1%CD, as we have 13% indexed annuities and 13% IUL
  • have 401k or do not have 401k or IRA or pension
  • wants a part time referral agent job, as I’m hiring with full field training
  • wants to own his/her own business (for income and tax reasons) with no glass ceiling or not happy with their current job or failed projects

Your referral is highly appreciated and comes with a gift card and will refer business to you too or help you in some ways.

We can create business only in a community of collaboration and shared spirits of giving.

Blessings, Connie Dello Buono , 408-854-1883

CA Life Lic 0G60621 Business owner and Retirement Planner for a retirement strategy that is tax free, 13% return, safe helping others receive funds when sick & a tax free retirement savings with zero market risk

LSW , Best Indexed Annuities

LSW , Best Indexed Annuities

Most 30 yr olds are smart in their retirement savings. They dislike the 1% rate of return. If you want to give a savings plan to your grandchildren or children, call 408-854-1883.

Call for an estate you can give to the next generation with a stroke of a pen.

If you are 50plus, it is not late to save at least 25% of your income for your retirement plan.

We have one that is tax-free with no limits in many ways compared to an IRA or 401k.

Call Connie Dello Buono

408-854-1883 for up to 13% return of your savings, better than the 1% Bank CDs.
CA Life Lic 0G60621
1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124

Call Connie  to direct you to agents in other 50 states.  We are hiring financial planners, self motivated and with enterprenueral spirit with full field training and support. Help others with tax-free retirement with health benefits, access to funds during health threats such as cancer, stroke, blindness or disability.

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