Health stat in California

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A writer wrote that public health costs have soared as one-third of California residents admitted to state hospitals for any causes suffer from diabetes, a sometimes-lethal disease often predicated on poor diet, lack of exercise and excessive weight.

Connie’s  Comments:

We can reallocate health resources better, build more roads and bridges, cut high housing costs, spend more on education, vocational skills schools, pattern technical degrees to current skill set needed by tech industries and have a universal health care with wellness promotion (insurance premiums goes toward incentives for those who exercise and good food choices).
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Vacant city lands for affordable housing

New York City’s scarcity of inexpensive land is often cited as an impediment to building more affordable housing, but the comptroller’s office has identified more than 1,000 city-owned vacant lots across the boroughs that have been sitting idle, most for more than 30 years.

In the bay area, there are city lands that are vacant that should be allocated for affordable housing to show our care to the middle class and low income families and millenials.

Our population, those working in the high tech and non-high tech can no longer afford the high cost of housing in the bay area.

In a rented house, about 7 working adults are cramped to share the cost of $6000 per month house rent.  How can our millenials and families afford housing in the bay area?

Please email your comment to to share and find solution to bay area’s high costs of housing.

If New York turns all its vacant lots for affordable housing, bay area cities should follow the same.

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Poverty, religion, women’s right to choose, other related topics

Poverty and over population

Health and wealth

Faith, Responsible parenthood and family income

Catholic and 6-children household

Poverty and education of the poor in over populated countries

Planned parenthood and women’s health

What is your say? We want education, no poverty, women’s health. Enough with politics and religion comingling in helping our children finish college despite the fact that there are 6 children in a middle or poor income household.

Austin Ruse, head of the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), has similarly been discredited. Ruse is the ringleader of efforts at the UN block funding and support for family planning and women’s rights programs. He organized a bloc of conservative NGOs and countries to stall reproductive health initiatives in the name of thwarting “radical feminists.” Like Donohue, Ruse specialized in over-the-top rhetoric that backed “pro-family” Republicans. In 2001, he bragged about joking with a priest on the floor of the UN about taking out Hillary Clinton, “and not on a date.”

But his organization, which was recently declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its anti-LGBT rhetoric, didn’t begin to lose widespread support until he asserted earlier this year that “the hard left, human-hating people that run modern universities” should “all be taken out and shot.”

This past December, meanwhile, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a favorite of the Catholic right himself, cut ties with longtime head of Priests for Life Frank Pavone for failing to come clean about the organization’s finances. Pavone has been on the rocks with the hierarchy for years, functioning outside the normal bounds of the priesthood as a sort of freelance anti-abortion crusader. But he was useful to the right-wing elements of the U.S. bishops’ conference in that he full-throatily trumpeted the message that Catholics couldn’t vote for pro-choice candidates in ways that the conference itself couldn’t, helping to solidify the bishops’ tacit alliance with the Republican Party. Priests for Life ran a $1 million “Campaign for Life” during the 2000 elections with full-page ads in the New York Times calling pro-choice Catholics a “scandal to the church,” and Pavone recently compared the support of abortion rights to supporting terrorism.

Pope Francis comments:  Here’s his exact words from the Vatican Insider (Do not breed like rabbits do):

I believe that three children per family, from what the experts say, is the key number for sustaining the population. The key word here is responsible parenthood and each person works out how to exercise this with the help of their pastor. … Sorry, some people think that in order to be good Catholics we have to breed like rabbits, right? Responsible parenthood: This is why there are marriage support groups in the Church with people who are experts on such issues; and there are pastors and I know that there are many acceptable solutions that have helped with this. And another thing: For poor people, children are a treasure, prudence is needed here too, it is true. Responsible parenthood but also recognizing the generosity of that father or mother who see their child as a treasure.

Connie’s comments: The young generation of today experienced what is possible and what is impossible in living in this century where education and health are both important.