Keeping the momentum in your business

Business owners have to motivate themselves daily.

Wake up at 8am and stop work at 8pm.

They know that success depends on them.

They thrive on challenges and opportunities.

Creating each moment as if it will give them another opportunity or sales.

Building relationships to last a lifetime and collaborations to each person they meet.

Getting referrals is the starting block to building their business.

If each business owner collaborates with one another, more business is created and so more business can survive.

Survival has been the motto since the 80s, when small mom and pop stores are over powered by big ones.

Still, the name of the game is creativity, finding new ways to serve each customer based on changing times.

We belong to a Starbucks or Peets Coffee based on our perceived value of the company and product

To belong to a community.


Contact Connie Dello Buono if you are a business owner who wants to save  taxes, increase sales and collaborate with other businesses in your community. 408-854-1883  A resource guide ebook for business owner is being written and needs your input.

———From Cahaya Mind….


They have ambitions and dreams to get certain marketing ideas
off… and then within days or weeks, their efforts dwindle
to a trickle… and then halt entirely.

A German study concluded that people spend about 4 hours per
day (on average) in distraction i.e. in activities that do not
add up to their desired objectives.
4 hours lost per day can equate to hundreds of
thousands of dollars of revenue for you over
the year or months.

“I am a better leader and generator of my team.
I’m getting clearer on my marketing strategy
and am hitting 90% of my monthly and yearly
income goals.”
— Sharon Block
Green Building Consultant, Net Zero Energy Strategist
Cahaya Mind Client

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