$3,692 rent/month 2BR/2BA in the bay area

Average cost of renting a two-bedroom in 2016: $3,692

Cost sharing: 2 people

Income needed to pay rent: $216,129

Most people in the bay area, share a room in an apartment, condo or house. Most engineers fear that they will never be able to buy a house in the bay area. The average cost of a house/land in Mt View, California is $2 Million. Many more are sharing their place, some even converted their garage or living room as a bedroom. Some live in a big trailer or van parked near their workplace.

Many envision to work in the valley for some years and buy a house outside of California to raise a family. We have one of the best schools in the bay area but if half of monthly income goes to paying house rent, how will our children afford to buy their own house in the future.

Email motherhealth@gmail.com for a modular house, circular shape, made in N Carolina at $25k per 500 sq ft size and if you want to share the cost of buying a house, invest in remodeling more rooms for airbnb. In Palo Alto, a room is rented out from airbnb for $80 per night and $135 per night in Mt View whenever there is a big conference in one of the high tech companies. We all have to join forces to build affordable homes. Turn vacant government buildings and spaces to build rooms for teachers and the poor and middle income.

My own laundry and bathroom to rent in Silicon Valley

bathtub candles shower light bathtub w view hammock restroom garden his and her shower laundry room space laundry room open air garden room space bathroom standing shower

Today I searched for a room to rent with my own bathroom and laundry room in Silicon Valley.

Relaxing in a spacious bathroom and a place with my own laundry room are my choices for a place to rent around Cupertino or Campbell area. If you know of any room with my own bathroom to rent, please call Connie 408-854-1883.

After a hectic day, I want to soak my body in Epsom salts with rosemary essential oil and candles lighting up my tired eyes.

I can throw a wrinkled outfit in the dryer anytime by whisking it with water. I don’t need to iron my clothes.

I can see a beautiful garden from my bathroom or laundry room.  And the sound of birds and open space will fill my thoughts with more creative thoughts to relax my spirit after a 12-hour work (commute, business and a corporate job).

Bathroom space, laundry room and a beautiful garden will surely be worth to have to keep me going and live life with purpose and full of inspiration.  Of course, my family and my other goals drive me to succeed and accomplish my goals. One of them is to retire my 78 yr old mother from her job. Sending my two teens to college is also important.

In knowing what we want to do with the financial reward that awaits us, we keep our spirit strong as we go about our daily tasks to succeed without interruptions and with determination.