Are you losing $1M or more of wealth accumulation intended for retirement?

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100 days before the year ends, financial planning tasks

What are the financial planning tasks that will help you maximize your income or reduce your taxes before the end of the year?

  • Some of us who are tech savvy, around 20% of the high income earners like engineers in the valley would use some tools and find the resources to fit their needs.
  • Some of us who are not tech savvy would hire an investment advisor but may miss on the holistic strategy to include other specialists and advisors such as financial planners, insurance agents, estate planners, and other specialists/experts.

If you have increased your savings and investments, did you put the necessary risk protection in place for any future threats?

Did you meet your yearly goals in savings and investments?

It is now 100 days to go before the year ends.

Seek advise, review proper asset allocation with an advisor or by yourself and implement.


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