Free childbirth, mother care and baby care ebook by Connie Dello Buono

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When Birthing Ways Healing Ways came out at amazon , sold my ebook to Amazon and so I did not get a penny. I was new to publishing and I love writing about my childbirth experience with Nurse Midwives in the bay area so I write for it is my passion.

So now, I am giving away my ebook in the hopes of getting referrals to my life insurance and annuities brokerage business.

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The above link contains my ebook, email me at for your feedback.

Also, I am giving childbirth classes to couples, 3-5 couples at a time in my San Jose place, Monday – Sunday from 8am to 8pm, 2-hr session at a time (3-5 couples). Contact 408-854-1883. The two-hour childbirth class will be everything you need to know and extra service after the baby is born. A pledge in the amount you are comfortable with based on the service I provide would be appropriate.

Once I massaged a pregnant woman while I provide childbirth tips to her. She followed my advice of walking one mile a day and other tips. Two weeks later she had her baby and only spent two hours in labor in the hospital. All natural birth happened so bonding with mother and baby went well.

There are many benefits to the services I provide aside from knowing mother and baby massage, breastfeeding and all the questions you wanted to be answered about mother and baby. I apprenticed with midwives in the bay area and also took some midwifery lessons from Oregon School of Midwifery.

During the three years that I was a full time mother to care for my two toddlers, I read medical, nursing and midwifery books which led me to my contract job as pharmacy technician instructor.

Since then, I gave advice and help to pregnant mothers. The book by Dr Sears, Baby Book, helped new fathers and mothers understand more about babies and it helped me too.

Happy birthing so they say. I also pray to parents who lost their babies via environmental toxins, miscarriage, forces of nature but seldom through childbirth in this century. May God and  their community give them lots of love.

Happy Birthday to my firstborn Dominic, now 20

Happy Birthday my son Dominic
As my firstborn, you were showered with joy and love
I adore you, when you were a baby as you smile like a Buddha
And it seems that the world revolves around you and I
My cares are gone as I hold you in my arms
You cried the whole night, when I slept without you
On the first night your baby sister was born at home
And you worry more when we tried to find your missing sis
In the crowded mall, as I told you to be the other care taker of your sis
And I love that you love your sister as I told you always.
So lighted up is your face, each time you see me
Waiting for your mom to be nurtured and nourished
I stayed home for 3 years
when you and your sister Esther were young
For we could not find a deserving baby sitter
Your dad and I took turn in ensuring your care 24/7
Yes, it maybe taxing and you say expensive
It is not so expensive, as you were born at home with midwives
And seldom got sick and was breastfed.
Yes, I love the way you deal with problems and issues in life
You are so grown and a better person than me in some ways
You care for your friends and give advice to them
I am glad and proud you became a generous and caring adult
Not spoiled for you love thrift stores and classy clothes at same time
Wish you outgrow computer games but if that is what relaxes you
I cannot control you, your freedom will make you creative and powerful
Be open to opportunities and learn things around you
Have courage in driving, you are cautious than most
I trust you always, but I still have to hear from you daily
Although we seldom see and talk anymore, I know you love me
As I love you always and forever.
As a working student, working as computer technician and going to
De Anza college, wish you can finish college soon
But you told me, that you wanted to help me by being a working student
And that you promise me not to marry until you are close to 40
And that you promise not to give me grandchildren yet.
I love that you dance Tango with me
And call me mother though I want mom
And that you now love to eat garlic
And still would let me massage you when you are sick
I remembered giving you massage each bath during the first years of your life
You are my first homebirth and first in every experience as a mother
It is worth it, you are now a full adult with wisdom far greater than your age
Thank God, although you only promised to go with me to Catholic church once a year
I know you are spiritual
And soulful in the way you select your friends,cared for your sister and love your parents
You are not rebellious, but in some way you showed it in the way you dress so hip and cool
so elegant like the rennaisance and classic man
You bought your GF a gift that cost you half of your month’s pay
No bachelor in the bayarea would do
But you are you, Dominic
For I choose that name to help you create your own destiny , you only can choose
And so as you live your life, share and love more
For in giving you will find fullfilment
And hopefully, you become an enterpreneur for you can create more things
And be a greater influence in the world.
In your own ways, I love you always and forever.
Connie Dello Buono