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Call Connie Dello Buono to schedule you to one of the many financial advisors who can listen to your financial goals for 30-min at 408-854-1883 and email And then when you know that you need a financial strategy, another 40min free introduction to the financial strategy will be scheduled.

There is the listening to your emotions as you decide and plan for your finances in the future. Do talk to a financial advisor before you decide on a big move or big purchase since your income that should last forever will be affected by it.

Do not use your home as your only retirement plan. Have diversification.

Save and invest like a woman. But do not spend like her.

Live life with protection for the future so that your lifestyle will last as long as you live.

Do downsize if you can, keep up new skills, open an online business for less, leverage your time and money. Money helps create happy memories. Spend wisely.