Tax Breaks until Dec 2014

 Among the biggest breaks for businesses: A tax credit for research and development, an exemption that allows financial companies to shield foreign profits from being taxed by the U.S., and several provisions that allow businesses to write off capital investments more quickly.

There is also a generous tax credit for using wind farms and other renewable energy sources to produce electricity.

The biggest tax break for individuals allows people who live in states without an income tax to deduct state and local sales taxes on their federal returns. Another protects struggling homeowners who get their mortgages reduced from paying income taxes on the amount of debt that was forgiven.

Other more narrow provisions include tax breaks for film and theater producers, NASCAR race track owners, manufacturers of electric motorcycles, commuters who use public transportation and teachers who spend their own money on classroom supplies.

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Disability income benefit for PA, health care providers and you

Guardian Disability Income Benefit

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Financial strategy keeps business owners in the black

Now that I am working with a team of financial advisors and experts, I learn more each day. Financial strategies can keep a business with less expenses, adding more money in their pocket and doctors with less income taxes. Financial strategies can help a new home owner be at peace with the mortgage. For the self employed and enterpreneurs, financial strategies can help their money work harder for them with guaranteed returns and liquidity.

There are many ways we can leverage time and money. Surround yourself with successful people and financial advisors to save your from loses and taxes.  Reducing taxes should be number one in our goal.

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Mike, my mortgage broker sends me this email letter today:

The Real Estate and Mortgage world continues healthy. Yet a few interesting statistics will help underscorethis month’s Good, Bad and Ugly. Of particular interest, is the current trend in interest rates and what is called, money supply.

Worldwide: As our Federal Reserves plans on reducing its printing of money, China talks of easing its money supply while the EU is expected to follow suit. One wonders if there is a growing fear ofdeflation in the short-run.

US: Federal Reserve policy of printing money has kept rates low these last four years. And with China and the EU considering adding more money, rates could likely remain low and stable. This may help prevent a stall in the growth of investment credit. Add to this the lowest wage growth in 50 years, and one knows the ‘why’ behind the recent nation-wide slow down in new home growth.

Local: Though job growth shows signs of slowing, income growth over the last few years remainsincreasingly higher for the Bay-area economy. We remain unique.

Now onto the Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

THE GOOD: Our interest rates and pace of lending remains the bright star this month. Even better, money availability is improving with more and more people able to quality. If you have been waiting, wait no more as credit fears are easing and low down payments are back.

The challenge is rising demand may cause a jump in the affordability index. Good news and bad.

THE BAD: Real inflation (food, energy, insurance, etc.) is essentially doubling every 6 to 8 years, with family income barely keeping pace. Lending is no longer the restrictive factor as we have enjoyed thesignificant savings of far lower interest rates. Yet the knowledge of our cost to get out of bed and go to work,can be frustrating. We need to encourage strong jobs growth, a jump in small business activity, along with the business freedom to be inventive and innovative.

However, let us not forget that for many on fixed income, low interest rates hurt them financially. Such is sad for those who believe in the discipline of saving. Unfortunately many lack the financial planning skills toplot a more diversified approach to meeting their needs. I would love to help.

THE UGLY: PG&E was fined $1.4 Billion for the Belmont gas explosion, findings of over 23,000 errors! Irresponsible? Yes. Yet one must wonders who will actually pay the fine and the money needed to fix decades of oversight? Can you say higher rates are coming? With this, one must wonder: Do leaders at PG&E get fired? Are those with oversight at the PUC and those in Sacramento charged with the job, going to be fired? My answer: They should be. Why? “Gross Negligence of Duty.”

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There is the listening to your emotions as you decide and plan for your finances in the future. Do talk to a financial advisor before you decide on a big move or big purchase since your income that should last forever will be affected by it.

Do not use your home as your only retirement plan. Have diversification.

Save and invest like a woman. But do not spend like her.

Live life with protection for the future so that your lifestyle will last as long as you live.

Do downsize if you can, keep up new skills, open an online business for less, leverage your time and money. Money helps create happy memories. Spend wisely.