Human connector

To my contacts and readers,

I am reaching out to connect. Some of you are in my gmail address list since 2011 and 4 years have past and a lot of changes happened to us all as we keep on finding new ways to work or succeed better, we are open to change.  

We thank God that we are still healthy or aging well and pray for those who left us.  We work and add love to what we do for love alone gives worth to all things. And so as St Teresa of Avila have said “Accustom yourself continually to make many acts of love, for they enkindle and melt the soul.”

In the past our paths have crossed. We are connected at work or play (dance or art).  I would like to hear any update from you. Work, business, personal triumphs, projects and goals. I am your human connector, if you need to link to someone at Linkedin or post as guest blogger at my blog or if you have a personal finance or holistic health related question, I will help you find the right resource. Please update so I can be reminded of your birthday.

You may email me if you need referrals or connection as I will ask the same, for a referral in the bay area or USA to anyone who needs a financial strategy to save on income taxes as business owners or protect their cash flow as employees.


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cash or future 2cash or future

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