Feeling sick, perspectives of an American and Japanese

Feeling a little sick from two cultural perspectives


I feel sick said an American, I should take Tylenol.


I feel tired and fatigued, I should rest said the Japanese.

What do you notice in the above reactions?  The body needs to recharge and was over used. Why bombard it with more toxic medications?

As I send caregivers to bay area senior homes, I have inspected their homes and have seen more medications in their med cabinets. Back in the Philippines my grandma has only oil, garlic, ginger and warm soup to mend her aching body.

My favorite Bernie Sanders is telling us one of the major pain for the middle class, that of over priced medications.

We can stop the pain by not asking for more pain killers from our doctors when not warranted by our bodies.  Dance and exercise more and maybe you just need to drink warm soup and healthy water with no sugar.

Let us stop controlling others of how they take care of their reproductive rights, we are all free and have a free will.

When I asked a 100 yr old grandma in the nursing home about her secret to long life as she walked with me in the park without any mobility help like cane or rollator, she said it is in doing what you love to do best.

Let us not be captive in the challenges in life but be more patient waiting for our Uber driver, our waiter in the restaurant, and other helpers/caregivers.  And spend more time with our love ones, not worrying of little things  and our 2016 will surely be enjoyable and less medicated.

Happy Holidays!


Connie’s comments : The above cultural perspective was a story told to me by one of my passengers, a COO of a bank, as I was working as part time UBER driver to help send 7 students to college.

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