How others treat you is their Karma and how you respond is your karma

We worry a lot and are feeling nervous or in a wreck
We act as a result of our irrational reaction from outside forces
And then some of us do not react but hides in a corner, internalizes the event
As if the world ends, but it only affect our body functions like a fight and flight response, our hormones are in emergency state
Creating all sorts of head ache and pain

To heal our bodies, we have to condition ourselves in the way we react to outside forces
From an assault, abuse, harassment to just plain bullying
We create our own karma based on how we react from all the outside forces not within our control

To those who put pressure in us, or treat us in a way that is good or bad, that is their karma
The way they manifest to the world their existence and how they want to live in significant or insignificant ways
Others shows their karma in the way they treat others
We build our karma in the way we react to how others treat or react to us
Live as if you are creating a positive karma to yourself and the world.
Love begets love, choose love.

How do you react to different situations?
Do you wait for few seconds or minutes before reacting to any untoward situations?
Do you know that most seniors in a care home or nursing home have meds for nervous disorders that create more side effects?
What is your karma?