Add value to another to get a referral and build your business

Dear Team or future team members,

I learned a lot from the 4-day seminar with Tony Robbins and got some names and tel too. I wanted to share to you some of the audio CDs on mastering influence.
Many of you knows how to connect with people already. I wrote some of the things I learned and posted them all at for your perusal.
Please create a compeling profile at linkedin, and other social networking sites. Your image is a must.
Let’s collaborate since the marketing and sales strategies abound everywhere but 80% of the success is in our mindset, in the way we bring our PEAK State in front of the client. Choose your prospects and clients well, they will use your precious time.
I am here to help you along the way.
And of course, we always have to use other streams of income which will help us increase our database of prospects and future clients. Do things you love to do, help others for in serving them you will get a referral if you add value to them and ask for it.
Connie Dello Buono
Business coach and owner
Health and Finance coach
PS. Email me to get a discount for Tony Robbins future seminar from business to wealth mastery.