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Features for a health resource web site

Email for the features you want added in a bay area health resource web site serving the elderly and those with health issues. We are also looking for seed funders/investors > $10,000 for marketing/customer service and web site redesign. You may donate your car or real estate to benefit affordable senior care and the

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Digital Footprint and my domain names

I use to create new domain names to prepare a global site for senior care. and are now directed to and shall match seniors and caregivers online and in mobile phones while is an information hub for health resources for seniors and more. Creating a digital footprint

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Nature is the great inventor

Biologist Janine Benyus likes to tell stories about using nature to solve our problems. For instance, a company called Arnold Glas was concerned about all the birds killed when they fly into windows. The company’s scientists asked, How has nature solved this kind of problem? The answer, Benyus says, is spiders. “Spiders build webs for

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