Free scarf for you this winter to keep you warm

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Retiring my mom, 78 yr old still working, I need 10 bay area pro who will save for retirement

My Why of keeping my spirit up each morning to work hard is to be able to retire my mother who still works at 78 yrs of age. Her hair is now so thin from stress, her legs so full of veins and is getting painful to walk.

But, she keeps on working to support and send her grandchildren to college since her 3 sons have minimum wage.

If I have 10 clients in the bay area who will save at least $750 per month towards their retirement, I could retire my mother.

She deserves a break, working as a caregiver since 2000 in the bay area. She is the favorite cook of most of the senior clients she cared for. She wakes upĀ in the night when one of her Alzheimer clients need help.

She uses her hands to give massage and comfort to the aging bay area seniors.

I wish to retire her soon.


Connie is now hiring retirement planners in the bay area. 408-854-1883 ;