FIB – Fearless, Inspired and Brave

Growing up in Nichols Air Base, I have to be brave enough to try something new. I did not know if Trigonometry is hard, I was brave enough to enroll with my GF Grace and Beth. And then with Shirley, I thought I wanted to be a teacher so I got her to enroll with me at PNU. After a year, I am so fearless, I wanted to join technology and study Chemistry and ended up finishing BS in Mathematics (at Adamson University) instead, a subject I am not good at in High School.

Still being fearless from hanging out with Evelyn and other BFF, I tried to finish college and seek employment at a high tech company that only hires grads from Ateneo and De La Salle.

Wish I paid attention to my high school English teacher, I am inspired to work abroad to better our standard of living in the Philippines and to send my brothers and sisters to school. There is no college loans in the Philippines and when I was a high school teacher my pay was only $50 per month. My inspiration when I was teaching Physics in high school in Cavite was my Physics teacher when I was in 4th year high school, so well dressed and so clear in teaching. Thanks to all my high school teachers at Nichols Air Base Pasay City, you are all amazing in your own way.

Still inspired to pursue my dream of living in the land of promises, I tried to work in  California. And then, I was inspired more with homebirths of my two young babies, I stayed home for 3 years to care for them and studied nursing and midwifery at home.

I was fearless as part time pharmacy technician instructor in the bay area, my students do not sleep whenever I teach them about what is happening to their bodies for each neuro med that is taken.

I told my two young adult children to be brave when driving their cars just like my dad. To be inspired and have goals early on and to be fearless when faced with challenges and learning new things.

In my bucket list someday is to inspire the next generation of high school graduates at Nichols Air Base Pasay City South High School, the school where it all started to give me the freedom I want in life.



Early first 12 years of brain growth via learning

In a study about human memory, brain growth and learning, the first 12 yrs of human growth and learning is very critical to the future brain health.

In contrast, the rats exposed to the shock compartment at 24 days of life learned and retained the memory for a long time and avoided this place—revealing a memory similar to that of .

Rats develop rapidly during infancy and become sexually mature at about 6 weeks of age. Humans, on the other hand, develop slowly and don’t hit puberty until about age 12-13 years (range: 8 to 16 years).

To address this, the scientists focused on the brain’s hippocampus, which previous scholarship has shown is necessary for encoding new . Here, in a series of experiments similar to the box tests, they found that if the hippocampus was inactive, the ability of younger rats to form latent memories and recall them later by reminders as they got older was diminished. They then found that mechanisms of “critical periods” are fundamental for establishing these infantile memories.

A critical period is a developmental stage during which the nervous system is especially sensitive to environmental stimuli. If, during this period, the organism does not receive the appropriate stimuli required to develop a given function, it may be difficult or even impossible to develop that function later in life. Well-known examples of critical period-based functions are sensory functions, like vision, and language acquisition.

The study shows that there is a critical period for episodic learning and that during this period the hippocampus learns to become able to efficiently process and store memories long-term.

“Early in life, while the brain cannot efficiently form long-term memories, it is ‘learning’ how to do so, making it possible to establish the abilities to memorize long-term,” explains Alberini. “However, the brain needs stimulation through learning so that it can get in the practice of formation—without these experiences, the ability of the neurological system to learn will be impaired.”

These studies, the researchers observe, suggest that using learning and environmental interventions during a critical period may significantly help to address learning disabilities.

Memories, happiness

Lighting up your face as I walk in the corner of a room
Stepping in together and dancing to one tune
Hearts beating as one, in close embrace and eyes closed
Both knows the direction we are both threading

For in creating memories, one has not to stand still
But in motion, create something new and beautiful
For nothing is created from nothing
And so life is spending moments
And creating memories
Memories to last a lifetime

Making each other laugh like children playing in the rain
Living like there is no tomorrow
For regrets is never known
And saying sorry for not trying is a fools game

To create memories is like living and loving and letting go
Of thinking only of happy thoughts
Of what beautiful things can make out when
A kiss is not just a kiss
But a promise to be there when we need each other

Each moment of weaving a beautiful song
Makes life worth living for
And to grow with each other for the rest of our lives
We see our fruit from what we have created
Memories to last a lifetime

Each moment counts
Memories are created by two hearts beating as one
Spending each moment as if they were the last
Knowing that tomorrow is another time
To create more memories to last a lifetime

by Connie Dello Buono
Happiness is acceptance, forgiving, giving, faith, courage, fullfillment, sharing and embracing yourself to grow in love, knowledge and skills


from anonymous:

The sounds of waves on a sandy beach
Make the Romantic’s mind venture put and reach..
What treasures will the waves gradually uncover?
Will there be shells, or the footprints of a past lover?
Like sails of a ship, the fog and mist glide towards the shore
The heart of a lighthouse beams out and searches for more….