Retirement or rental income properties in Tagaytay, Philippines

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Rental or retirement haven

Own a piece of rental or retirement haven in Tagaytay, Philippines. Contact Alel via email Affordable lands for sale and more properties for income potential.

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Tagaytay, Philippines

Tagaytay sits in a mountainous region of the Philippine’s main island. The town, known for its beautiful scenery and cooler climate – a function of its high altitude – rests on the shores of Lake Taal, in the center of which sits Taal Volcano Island. Called the “Second Summer Capital of the Philippines” (after Baguio in the north), Tagaytay is popular for its beautiful scenery, outdoor activities and two 18-hole golf courses. Tagaytay has several public and private hospitals, and additional choices for healthcare are also available in nearby Manila.

Contact or  Marjorie Agustin <> if you want to buy lands or real estate in Tagaytay Philippines. Text 408-854-1883 or 614-215-07348 or 639-055-432-598 or 639-055-432-596


Alelnelen Benedicto has been selling real estate in the Tagaytay region for the last 15 years. Email for contact details in the Philippines.

Investment property : mixed retail and residential , starting offer at $24k, Battle Creek Michigan

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Accepting offer in next 3days or you can also exchange your bay area real estate for this investment property.  Group of investors is welcome. You can also partner up with me to acquire this property.

Contact Connie 408-854-1883

$12k house in Ohio, reduced to close in 24hrs

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Reduced to $12k, accepting offers to close in 24hrs.

Contact Connie to own this property that is acquired just recently as bank owned. 408-854-1883 Available in next 3days. You may exchange your Northern California house for this one.

$800 per month rent for a toolshed with no bathroom only in Silicon Valley


Perhaps the landlords found a taker. Or perhaps they were shamed into removing their offering of a converted backyard tool shed in Menlo Park for $800 per month.

The rental was listed among the Stanford University classifieds and aptly dubbed “Apartment Sadness” by a writer for

The digs had no running water or toilet. BUT … the 8×15 space came furnished with a water jug and a commode. And — oh! — the right to use the main house bathroom Friday to Monday.

The real shocker is someone did live there previously. Read more on that here.

But if you missed out on that deal in May, here is another: A Bay Area fellow is renting a tent in a Mountain View backyard for $30 a night.

Renting through the Airbnb, a website that lists “unique places” to rent worldwide, the tent comes furnished with a pillow and blanket. And this landlord allows the tenant inside his home for a hot shower.

And actually, the tent owner explains to NBC Bay Area, the idea sort of started as a joke at $20 per night. But the offers came pouring in … so UP went the rent.


My 18-yr old daughter is saving her money and now has $5k and told me that she wants to help me buy a small house in the bay area.  Anyone who wants to sell/donate their house/land to my non-profit Motherhealth Inc for affordable senior care is welcome to email or call me at 408-854-1883. 

Cost of building your own off the grid house

After talking to a contractor building his mansion in 5- acre lot, zoned agriculture in Gilroy, he gave me a breakdown of the initial expenses:

$350k for the land (flat)

$15k for review of Site Plan by the City planners

$27k for the well water

$30k for the sewage

___ $$$ for the pavement for the driveway and road

$30k for solar

and around $100 per sq ft to build his own structure, 3000 sq ft. For the barn, he used 4 containers, $2k each. He can convert them later on for rental place.

In the bay area, the average cost of building your own house with your chosen contractor/builder is around $400 per sq ft.

For my own modular home, you can view the design and layout with pictures at , costs:

$54k for 1100 sqt ft , 3BR, 2BA

$10k for delivery

$10k for install

$30k for foundation and car garage

$$$ for land

There is LOFT CUBE made in Germany ($40k for 400 sq ft), with no official rep in the USA and the made in Berkeley net zero home is still being negotiated with manufacturer to cut cost from $110k to half for a 300 sq ft.  Examine your options. Containers costs only $2k, talk to a dealer of modular home in your city, contractor for the foundation, and arrange for a seller financing for the land or lease option to buy (do get a real estate lawyer).

The best positive cash flow use of any land are: storage, mobile home park, apartment, multi-unit office-commercial-loft residential.

You may email if you want to donate your land to Green Research Institute or Motherhealth, both 501c(3).

Modular homes at $100k 200 sq ft vs $50k 1000 sq ft

net zero home floor planSIP panel doors windowa for net zero homes1153 sq ft modular 3BR 2BA

Both are modular, one can be assembled in 2days while the other one in 2 weeks or less.

Currently, to be 100% sustainable, the price is at $100k for 200 sq ft while the modular home where you can add solar and sustainable floors is around $50k for 1000 sq ft.

I offer both, please email for delivery and other terms.