Confessions of an UBER driver

uber giftMeet new people to network with

Meet new people and learn from them. Driving UBer is an easy way to expand your network. Prepare for a card. Help them in some ways you can with your experience, skills and knowledge and learn from them. Driving Uber is more fun if passengers give TIPs.  We give tips to our waiters and other service pros, we should treat our Uber drivers the same who might be working two jobs to send their children to college. Start the conversation.  Praise them of good things they do or their appearance for example. Make friends.

Map/City Knowledge

Riders want to be sure you’re following the best route. It helps to:

* Ask if the rider has a preferred route
* Always use GPS until you know the city well (remember to press BEGIN TRIP after you enter the destination)

Knowing your location and understanding how to use Google map or related app in your smart phone can make your passenger at ease. In the Android phone app, click on the N (circled N true north) to change it to a red arrow and click RE-Center to display at detailed direction on the map with arrows facing to the direction where you are driving.

Asking the passenger the easier and safer place to drive is ok but some of them might think that you do not know where to go.


Riders count on Uber for a comfortable, relaxing experience. They prefer for drivers not to promote other businesses during the trip

Starting/Ending Trips On Time

Riders give lower ratings if they think they were overcharged. Here’s how to avoid that:

* Only press BEGIN TRIP after the rider is in the car and you enter the destination into your GPS (if you use it)
* Press END TRIP as soon as you drop the rider off, or if you make a mistake on your route

Where to position your car with most passengers

Check out the surge areas in red in your Uber partner app and the Uber passenger app for where most Uber drivers are. Caltrain, main city, hotels, schools and shopping centers are where you can find more passengers. Wake up early morn and be close to the neighborhood around 5mile and up radius to the airport.  It is cheaper to get an UBER to travel to and from the airport. One of my passenger who lives in San Francisco said that she have saved more than $6000 per year using the  CALTRAIN  and UBER. She loves UBER.

Turn sad trips to happy ones

There are passengers who only gives you few minutes to drive to the airport to catch their flight. Bring a happy disposition and find opportunities hidden in this sad time of rushing and working each day. I stretch early morn and do my belly breaths and pray for a safe trip. Do not rush, you will get to your destination and keep a happy spirit always.

Be Safe

Remind yourself that safety is your priority.  Keeping Your Client Safe In order to comply with the law and to ensure that users of the Uber app have a safe experience:

  • Never execute an illegal or unsafe U turn to pick up or drop off your client.
  • When picking up or dropping off your client, find a safe, convenient location. Never stop in traffic or at a red zone.
  • If you use navigation, minimize distraction. Input destination only while the car is stopped.
  • You may request that your client refrain from any unsafe or illegal activity. If your client does not comply with polite and reasonable requests, you can end the trip and drop your client at the nearest safe location. Contact Uber to explain what happened.

Drive now, earn $750 bonus after completing your first 20 passengers

Note: Car model must be 2008 or newer. Loves to talk to people. Love to explore the city. And love to drive share.

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