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Caregiving notes for 93 yr old on oxygen, ambulatory and had heart surgeries

This season, with less sunshine and less exercise , most seniors suffer from falls, aches and pains. With a caregiver beside her on 24/7 basis many emergencies can be avoided.

Below is my caregiving tips to one of the caregiver caring for our client who is ambulatory , had many heart surgeries, eats well and on oxygen 24/7.

How can I avoid developing diabetes?

To avoid developing diabetes, we have to eat good fats and avoid soda, bad fats and other toxic sugar-rich processed foods. Start with clean alkaline water, fresh air, and avoidance of toxins (chemical cleaners, plastics,molds/fungus,fumes,metal toxins,other inflammatory substances/drugs/medications). Do liver detox once a month (citrus/pectin,other detoxifiers). Get a massage once a week. Sleep during theContinue reading “How can I avoid developing diabetes?”

Painful Food and food to lessen pain

PAINFUL FOOD 1. GLUTEN We’ve often discussed how gluten intolerance can lead to stomach and intestinal pain, but did you know that eating gluten can also cause all-over pain? A recent study showed that many people had a sensitivity to gluten in which the body saw gluten as a foreign pathogen and released inflammation to fightContinue reading “Painful Food and food to lessen pain”

Be Your Own Herbalist and how to avoid needing health insurance by Nina Price

An herbal kit to boost your immune system by Nina Price When you or your family get colds, how long are you out of commission? Most of us can’t afford to be out of commission for a week or two. Even a few days away from work and daily responsibilities can be a challenge. ButContinue reading “Be Your Own Herbalist and how to avoid needing health insurance by Nina Price”