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Toxins in popcorn bag and DIY 5 min home cooked popcorn

We want quicker time to cook and we go to the restaurant where they still use styrofoam. In most places in California, styrofoam use is not allowed. Popcorn bag contains harmful chemicals. Microwave is using high temperature and some foods , especially with sugar should not be microwaved. Connie The bag almost all microwave popcorn

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Fat burning foods

Prepare these whole foods in a soup or salad with no processed oils and other processed foods. Whole foods are better absorbed with a side dish of veggies pickled prepared with apple cider vinegar and tsp of brown sugar.  Adding lemon in most of your dishes also facilitate absorption from the Vitamin C in lemons. 

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Metabolism Myths

It’s time you know the burning truths about your metabolism. (Credit: Corbis/C.J. Burton/Yahoo) Most of us know the basic formula for weight loss: If calories out exceed calories in, the pounds will fall off. But what sounds so simple can actually be a bit complicated when you consider the “calories out” half of the equation.

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