Love more spank less, whole foods not med, books not guns

Love more spank less, whole foods not medications, books not guns

Waking up early to go to school with no breakfast

No love and empathy at home

With noise from around him

When he was in his mother’s womb, he was medicated.

And came out to this world with no real love and bonding

Accessible weapons for mass murder abound

Using it to execute his evil thoughts for many years

Brewing in his mind from listening to hateful remarks of the President

And then it happened, many students and teachers died.

Can we prevent this from happening?

Japan and Australia have zero deaths from guns

While the USA tops the world in gun deaths of its citizens

And the White House admin promoting hate and intolerance

Instill love, hope and tolerance

Bond, show your love and support your children

Do not tolerate bad behavior starting when they are young

To instill love and not hate

To respect teachers , animals and all human beings

To tolerate all sexes, races, religion and beliefs

There is  greater wisdom for children raised with love and tolerance.

They grew up compassionate and caring for people and things around them.



Preschool, home school, Montessori elementary, the “Outliers” book for the success of our children

As working parents, we have to choose quality child care and schools. I was fortunate to have a public Hammer Montessori elementary school in San Jose when my children now 17 and 19 where young.  My nieces and nephews in the Philippines go to a private school simply because the elementary schools have no budget for books, facilities and other important school tools that some buildings have no roof even.

The “Outliers” book tells you that exposing your children to opportunities to learn and grow holistically can have a greater impact in their successes and growth.

I was a stay at home mother of two who did not send my children to a preschool or kindergarten but exposed them to all creativity and learning that my time can afford. My 19 yr old son who goes to De Anza College also works as a computer technician while my 17 yr old daugther won the second best artist award in the bayarea.  I observed their social skills and decision making abilities, and they are better than me at times although I have to plant the spirit of confidence and dreams of successs in their spirit each time I meet them. To be hopeful and to persevere and to think outside the box, be a street smart person.

Instead of spending $22,000 per year to a preschool, we can allocate the same amount for a college plan. Contact Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883, CA Life Lic 0G60621

7yr old college and pension fund w tax-free cash accum with access to funds during health threats cancer disability stroke

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