Happy Graduation

Let it go, let your talents be used for the benefit of humankind.
Let it go, your dreams should take you to new heights, by being open to new ways.
Let it go, change is what drives us to be strong and fearless in new ways to learn, work and prosper.
Let it go, we are called to be fully participating in the oneness of creation, with our skills and talents.
Let it go, follow successful people to bring you compass to where you want to go without limits.
Happy Graduation to my best friend for finishing up her AA nursing and for my daughter for finishing up high school.

Dear All,
I give free health coaching in the bay area in return for a referral for my business.
Please forward this message to others and let’s share our gifts to others.
Happy Graduation to new grads!
Happy mother’s and father’s day.
May God shower us with gifts of love,prosperity and health.

Connie Dello Buono
health coach and wealth strategist
helping others receive funds when sick
& a tax free retirement savings with zero market risk

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